Phoenix Among Men Chapter 911

On one side of the grandstand, Long Jingguo was sitting there with Long Xingxu beside him, but both of them were all wrapped up tightly, in order not to let others recognize them.

“Family head, to know if this Chen Ping is the son of the eldest lady, you can now try this guy’s bloodline first, if the bloodline within his body senses the aura emanating from you and after it reacts, then it proves that the two of you have a bloodline connection ……”

Long Xingxu said in a small voice.

Long Jingguo did not say anything, but with a flick of his finger, an inaudible breath went straight to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping, who was preparing to draw lots, suddenly had a slight body shake, followed by a look at the place where Long Jingguo was sitting.

Chen Ping did not know Long Jingguo, nor had he ever seen him before, but when his eyes fell on the tightly wrapped Long Jingguo, Chen Ping’s heart jerked. It twitched a little.

Although he could not see the other party, Chen Ping could sense who the person sitting here was.

Full of anger, it burned in Chen Ping’s heart, and just when Chen Ping couldn’t control his emotions, suddenly that Andrew tapped Chen Ping’s shoulder, “Little man, it’s your turn ……”

Andrew’s sudden interruption caused Chen Ping’s anger to dissipate instantly, Chen Ping knew that it was not the time for him to follow the Long family to fight, his strength was simply not enough to fight the Long family.

If he prematurely let the Dragon Family know his exact identity now, then Chen Ping would be in even more trouble in the future.

Chen Ping turned around and casually began to draw lots!

And after a brilliant glint in his eyes, that Long Jingguo slowly got up, turned around and walked away, not stopping and not watching the next match.

Seeing this, Long Xingxu also hurriedly followed!

At this moment, all parties in the ring had finished drawing lots, and the next step was to enter the official bout.

At the same time as the short man landed on the ring, another man with a turban wrapped around his head and a beard walked onto the stage unhurriedly.

The two men clasped their fists face to face and did not speak, but the auras emanating from them instantly collided.

The shorter man’s body suddenly shot up and slammed his fist towards the man with the turban wrapped around his head.

This punch, struck with a vicious and unexpected punch, was so fast that it struck the entire air with an ear-piercing airburst sound, the power of this punch was evident!

“Mr. Chen, the one who threw the punch is a master of the Tai Kingdom, Song Pa, this person has been practicing Thai boxing since childhood, his strength and speed have been fast to the extreme, and his strikes are also very ruthless ……”

Zhao Wuji introduced for Chen Ping.

Chen Ping did not care, although that Songpa’s punches were ruthless, and his strength and speed had reached the point of perfection, but for Chen Ping, these were not enough, even if Chen Ping stood still, I am afraid that with this Songpa’s ability, he would not be able to break Chen Ping’s invincible golden body.

In the interval between Zhao Wuji’s introduction to Chen Ping, Songpa had already thrown a dozen punches in quick succession.

In just a few dozen seconds, the man with the scarf was punched in the abdomen and flew out of the ring, hitting the ground with a heavy thud and spurting blood.

Although he was badly injured, Son Pa was clearly merciful and did not kill him!

Having won the fight, Songpa looked down at the stage excitedly, “The next one is ready to fight ……”

As soon as Songpa’s words fell, Ichiro Watanabe’s body shook slightly, and then he landed on top of the ring like a feather.