Phoenix Among Men Chapter 912

When he saw that Watanabe Ichiro was next, Sonpa’s face obviously changed, and it looked like he was still scornful of this Watanabe Ichiro.

“Are you going to get off the stage yourself, or do I need to do it?”

Watanabe Ichiro looked at Son Pa and asked with a disdainful face.

Songpa frowned, although he was scornful of this Watanabe Ichiro, but now in front of so many people, and on such an occasion, how could Songpa take the initiative to admit defeat.

“It’s not certain who will win or who will lose ……”

Songpa said, and smashed his fist at Watanabe Ichiro, this time Songpa’s speed was a few points faster, but just now in the first bout, Songpa still retained his strength.

Faced with Son Pa’s punch, Ichiro Watanabe put one hand behind his back, while holding his sword in his other hand, as if he had no intention of striking.

Seeing that Ichiro Watanabe had treated him with such contempt, Son Pa’s anger rose up inside him and with a roar, a terrifying aura emanated from Son Pa’s body, which instantly transformed into a Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue’s big hand slapped towards Ichiro Watanabe in front of him, a seemingly light palm, but it contained the power of a mountain overturning the sea, the power was incredible.

Looking at the scene in front of him, that Andrew’s face also changed slightly, while Zhao Wuji glanced back at Chen Ping to see his reaction, but found that Chen Ping had a calm face, as if there was no change in his expression.

“This is the Da Luo Vajra Palm, I didn’t expect this Tai Guo guy in front of me to have learnt the Da Luo Vajra Palm ……”

“This palm is more powerful than a bomb, I’m afraid, I wonder if this Watanabe Ichiro can take it ……”

“This Watanabe Ichiro can’t be scared silly, why is he still motionless?”

Above the stands, the crowd chattered.

Songpa let out a burst of wild roar, and the Great Luo Vajra Palm was like a titanic mountain pressing down on him, seeing that the palm was about to slap Watanabe Ichiro’s head, but Watanabe Ichiro was still standing motionless.

Just when the crowd was confused as to what Watanabe Ichiro was going to do, suddenly Watanabe Ichiro’s right hand with the sword moved, while his left hand was still behind his back.

Many people did not see what this Watanabe Ichiro was sitting on, but the faces of some of the strongest people in the stands changed slightly, and Chen Ping also had a change in his face.

Because he could see that this Watanabe Ichiro had not done nothing, but had just made a sudden move and had already sheathed his sword and stabbed out a dozen swords.

It was only because the speed was so fast that many people were unable to see Watanabe Ichiro’s movements.

The Buddha statue that had coalesced in front of Watanabe Ichiro began to dissipate, while the Songpa looked at Watanabe Ichiro with shock in his eyes, the two were only half a metre apart, but at that moment no one moved.

A gust of fresh wind blew by and Son Pa’s body suddenly collapsed on top of the ring.

As Son Pa’s body fell to the ground, a gush of blood shot out from his body, like an arrow of blood, making the ring a bloody mess.

There were at least a dozen bloody holes in his body, and he was about to be stabbed into a hornet’s nest.

Songpa’s eyes were wide with death ……

“You were given the chance to roll off the stage and you didn’t cherish it yourself, you can’t blame me for that …………”

Looking at Son Pa’s corpse, Watanabe Ichiro said with a face full of condescension.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock, Watanabe Ichiro’s strength was beyond many people’s imagination!

Andrew, who was confident at the beginning, now had an incomparably grave face.

Zhao Wuji turned back to Chen Ping, his eyes filled with worry.

The strength displayed by this Watanabe Ichiro was simply too terrifying, and if Chen Ping was no match, then he would definitely be killed on the spot as well.