Phoenix Among Men Chapter 913

“Mr. Chen …………”

Zhao Wuji wanted to follow Chen Ping to confirm if Chen Ping was sure of winning against this Watanabe Ichiro or not, if not, he might as well just admit defeat, it was better to lose his front than to lose his life.

Chen Ping did not say anything, he just gave Zhao Wouji a settled look.

Zhao Wuji didn’t say anything as he turned his head back again and looked at the top of the ring.

By now, the top of the ring had been cleared, and the Tai Kingdom’s team looked at Ichiro Watanabe angrily, but dared not speak out in anger, not to mention that they had all signed a life and death contract in advance when they went up to the stage to fight, and they could not retaliate when such things happened!

“Who’s next?”

Ichiro Watanabe said proudly as he clutched his longsword in his arms and looked around the room.

The representative of the Arau Kingdom on the stage had a hard look on his face. According to the rules of the lottery, he should be the one to go on stage, but the strength that Ichiro Watanabe had just shown had made the representative of the Arau Kingdom a bit timid.

In the end, the representative of the Arao country had no choice but to concede defeat, knowing that if they went on stage, they would only be killed.

After the representative of the Aro Kingdom conceded defeat, the next one was Andrew of the Bear Kingdom.

“Andrew, are you sure about this?”

Princess Anna asked as she turned to Andrew.

This time, Andrew did not have the same confidence he had just had and frowned slightly and said, “I’ll try!”

Anna didn’t say anything else, but quietly handed Andrew a pill.

Andrew took one look at Anna, put the pill in his coat pocket, and then slowly walked to the ring.

Anna had her fists clenched and was obviously a little nervous!

“Princess Anna, your Warrior Andrew, is not necessarily not a match for that Watanabe Ichiro, you don’t need to be nervous ……”

Zhao Wuji saw the nervous Anna, so he said in a wide voice to comfort her.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, thank you, our Bear Country warriors are not allowed to lose ……”

Anna’s eyes were firm as she said.

“Even if you gave him the Bursting Pill, your four-limbed, simple-minded fellow is no match for that Watanabe Ichiro!”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“What are you saying?” Anna looked at Chen Ping angrily, “If we Andrew Warriors can’t even beat that Watanabe Ichiro, then you will be even less of a match, you’d better pray that we Andrew Warriors can win this fight, in that case, you can still pick up a life.”

“No need to pray, there is no suspense in this one!”

Chen Ping shook his head slightly.

Anna glared at Chen Ping and didn’t say anything while at this moment, above the ring, Andrew and Ichiro Watanabe were already fighting together.

When facing Andrew, Watanabe Ichiro was obviously not as relaxed as when facing Sonpa, and the longsword in his hand was sheathed.

It was as thin as a cicada’s wing, and each swing of the sword was like a bolt of lightning.

Andrew relied on the advantage of his size and his pair of iron fists were so strong that he was not afraid of the longsword in Watanabe Ichiro’s hand, directly following him with his pair of iron fists!

Clang clang clang ……

A sound of gold and gold, Andrew’s fists were unharmed.

Although the two sides went back and forth, neither of them got an advantage, but Andrew used both fists against Watanabe Ichiro’s longsword, it was obvious that Andrew was more skillful.

“See, the iron fists of our Andrews warriors are not afraid of any sharp weapon, I have seen Andrews warriors catch a bullet shot with their hands ……”

Anna saw that Andrew seemed to gradually gain the upper hand and instantly became less nervous, looking towards Chen Ping with a smug face.

Chen Ping just smiled and spoke indifferently, “Within ten moves, that Andrew warrior of yours will be defeated ……”

“What did you say?” Anna stood up with a scuffle, “Are you cursing our warrior?”