Phoenix Among Men Chapter 914

“Princess Anna calm your anger ……,” Zhao Wuji saw this and hurriedly persuaded Anna.

Then he looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, the Bear Country is our friendly neighbor, so just bear with it, don’t offend this Princess Anna and cause damage to the diplomatic relations between the two countries!”

Chen Ping nodded, “Understood!”

In between Chen Ping’s words, Andrew and Ichiro Watanabe on the stage had already exchanged five or six moves again.

“Your pair of iron fists are really powerful, but it can only go so far ……”

Ichiro Watanabe looked at Andrew with a sneer and suddenly his body flickered.

Andrew’s body exploded with aura, and the muscles on his body suddenly bulged, like a layer of armor tightly wrapped around his whole body.

“This Watanabe Ichiro is going to use the Nine Shadow Sword Technique!”

Zhao Wuji saw this and hurriedly said in shock.

That Anna’s face also clearly became tense once again.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, what is this Nine Shadows Sword Technique?”

Chen Ping asked.

“Mr. Chen doesn’t know, this Watanabe Ichiro’s most powerful is this Nine Shadows Sword Technique, when the Nine Shadows Sword Technique is executed to its extreme, the opponent is as if they are fighting against nine identical people, each one is a virtual shadow, while each one seems to be real, back then, this Watanabe Ichiro used this sword technique when he defeated our five great martial sects by himself.”

Zhao Wuji explained.

“So powerful?” Chen Ping frowned slightly and didn’t say anything else, instead his eyes were fixed on Watanabe Ichiro’s every move on the stage with dead eyes.

Only to see Watanabe Ichiro’s body flicker as if it suddenly cracked open, and suddenly another Watanabe Ichiro appeared, followed by another crack.

Three identical Watanabe Ichiro’s surrounded Andrew, two of the three must have been phantoms, but each one was so real to the eyes of the crowd.

“Andrew, to deal with you, I only need two shadow doppelgangers. ……”

Ichiro Watanabe said with disdain.

The voice seemed to come out of three Watanabe Ichiro’s mouths as if they were indistinguishable by the sound alone.

Andrew’s face was terribly grave at the moment, and without hesitation, he pulled out the elixir Anna had given him from his pocket and dropped it directly into his mouth.

“Roar …………”

After the elixir was in his mouth, Andrew’s huge body actually let out a roar, followed by the muscles on his body starting to surge and crack.

Soon, Andrew’s body actually turned into a large brown bear covered in brown fur, with scarlet eyes showing fangs.

“A bear man?” Zhao Wuji looked at Anna with a burst of surprise.

Anna did not say anything, but stared nervously above the ring.

Chen Ping also felt astonished beyond belief when he saw that this Andrew had turned into a brown bear, he didn’t know what a bear man was and it was the first time he had seen one, he didn’t expect there to be these things abroad.

“Daring to transform in full view of the public, it seems that you also know that you are bound to lose …………”

Ichiro Watanabe didn’t seem the least bit surprised by Andrew’s sudden transformation into a brown bear, instead there was a few hints of excitement on his face.

“Roar ……”

Andrew roared and his huge bear paw slapped towards Watanabe Ichiro.

Faced with Andrew’s attack, Watanabe Ichiro surprisingly did not move a muscle, with a faint sneer on his face.

Boom …………

The whole ring shook as Andrew slapped his palm down, but the Watanabe Ichiro in front of him was unharmed.

The palm just hit only a phantom of Ichiro Watanabe, so it was impossible to hurt Ichiro Watanabe.

Andrew missed and quickly turned around to slap Ichiro Watanabe on the other side again.

Unfortunately, this time it missed again.

Furious, Andrew kept attacking Watanabe Ichiro with both palms, but each time he missed, and no matter which direction he attacked, it was a phantom.

Soon Andrew was panting heavily, his strength expended, the brown fur on his body slowly fading and his eyes returning to their original colour.