Phoenix Among Men Chapter 915

Andrew reverted back to his original form, and at this moment the breath in Andrew’s body was not enough to support him to continue his transformation.

Looking at Andrew’s appearance, the original three Watanabe Ichiro instantly merged into one place and instantly stood in front of Andrew.

The longsword in his hand was directly on Andrew’s neck, and now with a flick of Ichiro Watanabe’s hand, Andrew’s body would be separated.

However, Ichiro Watanabe did not kill Andrew, but with a swing of the sword in his hand, Andrew’s body was instantly cut with a scar.

Soon, Andrew’s chest was even cut with a large turtle pattern, although Watanabe Ichiro did not kill Andrew, but this approach is more humiliating.

“I’ll kill you ……”

Andrew looked at his chest dripping with blood and roared as he lunged at Watanabe Ichiro.

Only to be kicked out of the ring by Ichiro Watanabe.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re from the Bear Country, I would have killed you long ago ……”

Watanabe Ichiro sneered.

Andrew seemed to have lost his mind at this moment and desperately tried to charge towards the ring.

Such a shame was even worse than killing him.

“Andrew ……”

Anna shouted, since she had lost, she had lost, and if she dwelt on it, the bear country would be even more humiliated.

Hearing Anna’s shout, Andrew then had no choice but to walk back, the wound on his chest was still bleeding, but Andrew didn’t care.

“It’s your turn next Daxia, I hope this bout doesn’t let me down ……”

Watanabe Ichiro turned his gaze towards Zhao Wouji and said with a condescending and contemptuous face.

Zhao Wuji was full of anger, and then looked back at Chen Ping, he wanted to admonish Chen Ping, but he didn’t want Chen Ping to give a slight kick to his feet and his whole body flew to the top of the ring.

Watanabe Ichiro looked at Chen Ping, who was on the stage, and the disdain in his eyes became even more intense: “To send a Grand Master to compete with me, does it mean that there is no one in your Grand Xia Kingdom?”

“To kill you, a strength like mine is enough!”

Chen Ping spoke indifferently, his tone filled with confidence.

“Hahahaha, arrogance, I like to see you arrogant, because the more arrogant you are, the more you can stir up my bloodthirsty heart ……”

Watanabe Ichiro’s eyes narrowed, and his pupils shone with a brilliant aura, then he thrust the long sword in his hand into the ring and slowly extended one palm.

It looked like this Watanabe Ichiro was planning to defeat Chen Ping with his bare hands, in his eyes, Chen Ping’s strength like this was not enough to make him draw his sword.

“You want to defeat me with your bare hands?” Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared.

“Bare hands and empty fists are enough to deal with you, your are not qualified to make me draw my sword ……”

Watanabe Ichiro sneered.

“If you don’t draw your sword, I’m afraid you will never have the chance to draw your sword again ……”

Chen Ping had a calm face.

“Hahahaha, then I will try!”

Watanabe Ichiro finished, his gaze cold, and he directly slapped his palm towards Chen Ping.

Stinging …………

With this palm, the entire air seemed to be torn apart, followed by a strong wind sweeping out.

Ichiro Watanabe was not only a swordsman, he also had a profound strong qi.

This powerful qi instantly cut through the air around him and headed towards Chen Ping with an incomparably harsh whistling sound.

The ring was instantly cut with a deep mark by this energy, knowing that the ring was made of hard granite for this competition, and had been polished and hammered to be incomparably hard!

But at that moment, a sharp scraping sound rang out from the ring and a deep mark appeared.

The strength of Ichiro Watanabe’s palm was even sharper than a sharp blade.

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly in the face of this powerful strong qi, and suddenly a burst of golden light erupted from his body, followed by Chen Ping looking like a silkworm chrysalis wrapped in golden light.

“Huh ……”

When Watanabe Ichiro saw the change in Chen Ping, he could not help but look slightly changed.

How could a person with the strength of a Grand Master have such a terrifying aura erupting from his body