Phoenix Among Men Chapter 916

Soon the sharp-edged-like energy struck Chen Ping’s body.

Clang clang clang ……

There was a sound of metal clashing as the strong qi struck Chen Ping’s body, surprisingly bursting out in a cloud of fire and finally disappearing.

Such a terrifying strong qi had surprisingly failed to break through Chen Ping’s defense and cause any damage to him.

“How is this possible?”

Watanabe Ichiro’s heart was incomparably shocked.

She had originally thought that Chen Ping was just sending him to his death, but the scene in front of her forced Anna to take a fresh look at Chen Ping.

He couldn’t believe that Chen Ping, a small man, was able to resist Ichiro Watanabe’s attack and was unharmed.

“Instructor Chen, good job!”

“Instructor Chen is a bully, f*ck them ……”

“Beat him up, Instructor Chen beat him up fiercely!”

Seeing this, those members of the Dharma Protection Pavilion all shouted out in excitement.

“What kind of technique is this that you are able to resist my blow without being hurt?”

Watanabe Ichiro’s face was grim as he asked Chen Ping.

“Do I still need a gongfu to deal with you? This attack of yours is like scratching an itch, I advise you to pick up your sword!”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth were slightly the same, and he said with a disdainful face.

Just now it was that Watanabe Ichiro who was full of arrogance and disdain, but now he was being looked down upon by the other party.

With such a blow, yes Watanabe Ichiro growled.

“I don’t believe you!”

Watanabe Ichiro roared as he slapped his palm towards Chen Ping again, this time with even more ferocity and vigour, like a tornado that instantly swept across the entire ring.

The terrifying energy caused the air above the ring to seem to be instantly drained away, and Chen Ping’s body slowly broke away from the ring amidst the terrifying energy, with his feet dangling in the air.

The terrifying tornado of qi wrapped around Chen Ping as his body rose higher and higher out of the ring, and the sharp-edged qi began to attack Chen Ping’s body continuously.

The sound of metal clashing resounded in the ears, and all eyes were fixed on Chen Ping, but his figure had already become blurred.

Just then, suddenly, in the midst of that tornado of energy, but a red light shone, followed by a flash of light, just like a sun suddenly emitting its light.


Chen Ping held the Dragon Chopping Sword in his hand and fought to cut down fiercely in front of his body.


There was a crisp sound, and as everyone stared in disbelief, the raging dragon scroll of power was directly chopped into two by Chen Ping, followed by the hour of the dragon scroll of power, and Chen Ping’s body slowly fell to the ground.

The Dragon Chopping Sword in Chen Ping’s hand burned with a blazing flame, and the red blood flowing from the sword kept making the flame burn even more fiercely.

“A human sword in one?”

Seeing this, Watanabe Ichiro’s eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.

“Now, am I qualified to make you draw your sword?”

Chen Ping said, his body swaying with the Zang Long Sword in his hand had already reached Watanabe Ichiro’s body, the Zang Long Sword in his hand slashed down, the sizzling flame on the Zang Long Sword made Watanabe Ichiro feel his skin tingling.

Facing Chen Ping’s sword, Watanabe Ichiro had long since lost his initial arrogance and contempt, and directly reached out to grasp the hilt of his own sword and jerked it with a violent force.

There was a click!

Like a meteor, Watanabe Ichiro’s sword instantly came out of its sheath, its thin, cicada-winged body emitting an eerie chill.


With a deafening sound, the two swords fiercely touched each other.

The moment the swords touched, Chen Ping and Watanabe Ichiro simultaneously stepped backwards and pulled away.

This touch made them understand each other’s strength, and both of their wrists were faintly aching.