Phoenix Among Men Chapter 919

“Draw the sword and break the water ……”

The sword in Watanabe Ichiro’s hand, the sword Qi rose up to the sky, almost reaching a height of tens of meters, the sword Qi in his hand came down in the air, and then followed Chen Ping’s palm slash that ruthlessly collided into each other.

The void trembled and the entire ring shook, seemingly unable to withstand such a force.

The moment the golden blade and the white sword qi collided, Chen Ping leapt up, and as Chen Ping leapt up high, the formation made up of light blue flames around him all went out directly, and the formation disappeared!

Rumble …………

The ring was ruthlessly cut into a gully by Watanabe Ichiro’s sword qi, and immediately afterwards the ring could not withstand it and actually collapsed from the middle with a bang.

Ichiro Watanabe’s body only felt a drop downwards, then he took a sharp breath and, as if pulling up from a dry land, his body sprang straight upwards without any external force.

Seeing this, Chen Ping’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, this was exactly the opportunity he needed.

Just as Ichiro Watanabe’s body rose to the ground, Chen Ping’s body was already in mid-air before he slammed his fist out.


A punch surprisingly smashed directly through the void in an instant, a huge vibration wave spreading everywhere and the sound of breaking air rang out piercingly.

This punch had gathered all of Chen Ping’s strength, without any reservation.

Ichiro Watanabe felt the sharp cracking sound above his head and his whole face changed greatly. He did not expect that Chen Ping had just leapt up, not because he intended to dodge his blow, but because he had already planned to deal him a fatal blow.

Sensing his carelessness, Ichiro Watanabe stopped his body from moving upwards and then used the jackknife to make his originally elevated body start to turn into a rapid descent.

But Ichiro Watanabe was still too slow to react, and Chen Ping’s punch was already in front of him.

Watanabe Ichiro had no choice but to swing out a punch with difficulty, the sword in his hand had become a pendulum, in this rush he had no way to use the sword he was holding!

Boom ……

The two fists met each other with another deafening sound.

The spiritual energy on Chen Ping’s fist directly pierced through Watanabe Ichiro’s defence and pounded hard on top of his chest.

In mid-air, a mouthful of blood spurted out from Watanabe Ichiro’s chest, which was instantly dented, and his whole body hit the ground with a heavy thud.

Chen Ping’s body landed on the ground, but his body still swayed a few times, the sparring that he had just followed Ichiro Watanabe had caused Chen Ping to be greatly depleted.

“Success or failure, today you lost to me, this is where you will end up ……”

Chen Ping said, fiercely inhaling a breath, his right fist clenched tightly, followed by the spirit energy within his dantian continuously condensing on top of his right fist, he was ready to fight with his last strength to kill Watanabe Ichiro.

Seeing that Chen Ping was going to kill himself, Watanabe Ichiro’s face became a little panicked as he tried to get up and dodge Chen Ping’s fatal blow, but unfortunately, the wound on his body was too heavy and Watanabe Ichiro was unable to stand up with one blow.

“Kill him, kill him, kill him …………”

Above the stands, many people were there to return this, even the other countries’ teams were screaming for Chen Ping to kill that Watanabe Ichiro.

After all, this guy has made countless enemies, defeat in his hands, either dead or injured, this guy rarely spared others.

But now that it was his turn, Watanabe Ichiro’s face was pale and his eyes were filled with fear!

No one is not afraid of death, especially someone like Watanabe Ichiro, who is sought after by millions and stands tall, they are even more afraid of death.

“I concede defeat …………”

Just when Chen Ping was about to finish off this fellow Watanabe Ichiro with a punch, suddenly Watanabe Ichiro made a very unexpected move.

Only to see Watanabe Ichiro throw away the sword in his hand, then kneel down on the ground in a pious posture and concede defeat without hesitation.

For he knew that the rule of the contest was that if the opponent conceded defeat, then the opponent could not attack in the first place.

So Watanabe Ichiro killed and injured people in the ring, all while the opponent did not concede defeat, and killed them directly ……