Phoenix Among Men Chapter 920

This action of Watanabe Ichiro instantly made everyone’s eyes drop, even Chen Ping did not expect that in front of life and death, this Watanabe Ichiro would be so spineless.

At any rate, this Watanabe Ichiro was also a Sword Saint and a Martial Sect expert, but now he had actually knelt down directly, and in front of thousands of people.

If this were an ordinary person, he would definitely not be able to do it, but this Watanabe Ichiro did it, and at this moment he was kneeling on the ground, shouting loudly, “I admit defeat, I admit defeat ……”

“Hahahaha, what a f*cking pain, even this grandson Watanabe Ichiro has his day!”

“Bully, this Chen Ping is a bully, only in his early twenties, he actually defeated Watanabe Ichiro!”

“Instructor Chen is mighty, Instructor Chen is mighty …………”

Whether it was those people in the stands or those members of the Protector Pavilion, they all shouted excitedly.

Only the representatives of the island nation, each and every one of their faces turned green and looked as bad as if they had eaten sh*t!

“This Chen Ping, he’s really something ……”

Anna’s eyes began to change as she looked at Chen Ping.

That Andrew looked at Chen Ping with admiration and respect in his eyes, long gone was the contempt and disdain.

What they in the Bear Country admired most was the strong, and the strength Chen Ping was showing now made Andrew admire him.

At this moment, in the ring that had long since become ruins, Chen Ping looked at Ichiro Watanabe who had knelt down and admitted defeat, and could only helplessly withdraw his fist.

“Bah …………”

Chen Ping spat fiercely towards that Watanabe Ichiro, and then slowly walked towards his team.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Zhao Wuji hurriedly greeted him with excitement!

Chen Ping put one hand on Zhao Wouji’s shoulder and suddenly his entire body weight fell on top of Zhao Wouji’s shoulder.

Zhao Wuji instantly understood and immediately used his hand to support Chen Ping, gently dragging him towards the group.

Although Chen Ping had defeated Watanabe Ichiro, he was already at the end of his tether and was holding on hard at this moment.

After returning to the group, Chen Ping was surrounded by those members of the Guardian Pavilion, all of whom hated to throw Chen Ping up.

“Congratulations ……”

Anna looked at Chen Ping and took the initiative to extend her hand and said.

“Thank you!” Chen Ping followed Anna and shook her hand.

“Chen, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have looked down on you ……”

Andrew walked up to Chen Ping and took the initiative to apologize.

Chen Ping only smiled lightly, not blaming Andrew for his initial contempt!

While the Protectorate side cheered, the Island side was deadly quiet as Watanabe Ichiro stood up, wiped the spittle off his face, and slowly walked back.

Ichiro Watanabe’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, although he had knelt down and admitted defeat, it was only a stop-gap measure, he would not admit defeat so easily, there was a team competition to follow, there were no rules to be followed on the deserted island, he would take his revenge on the island.

The tournament was over and Chen Ping’s name became known to even more people that day, especially some martial artists, many of whom began to look at Chen Ping differently because he had defeated Ichiro Watanabe!

But there were also many people who started to become a bit restless after learning of the result!

Xuan Yuan Yan was one of them, he didn’t expect that in just a few days, Chen Ping’s strength had actually increased a lot more, defeating even Watanabe Ichiro.

It seemed that their plan to take revenge and seize the Dragon Crystal from Chen Ping would have to be rearranged.

The other clans and sects that were preparing to seize the Dragon Crystal also felt a bit tricky, as they were all spying on the Dragon Crystal in Chen Ping’s body, but now that Chen Ping’s strength was revealed, these people had to take a fresh look at Chen Ping.

They all thought that Chen Ping was a Grand Master strength, and it looked like they had been deluded all along. If they only saw Chen Ping as a Grand Master strength to deal with, they would have to suffer a big loss.