Phoenix Among Men Chapter 921

Long Family, Long Jingguo looked at the news of Chen Ping’s victory at the end, his face could not tell whether he was sad or happy!

“Xingxu, if you were to follow this Chen Ping in a solo fight, would you be sure of winning against him?”

Long Jingguo asked to Long Xingxu.

Long Xingxu hesitated before shaking his head and said, “I am not sure ……”

If it was before, Long Xingxu would have nodded his head without hesitation, he did not put Chen Ping in his eyes at all.

But nowadays, Long Xingxu was not sure anymore, after all, Chen Ping was someone who even gave a defeat to Watanabe Ichiro.

Long Jingguo looked at Long Xingxu and then said, “If you really fought that Chen Ping alone, you would definitely not be his opponent, do you know why?”

“Why?” Long Xingxu immediately looked at Long Jingguo in confusion.

“Because that Chen Ping has the Dragon Family’s proper bloodline flowing inside his body, while you are only a side branch ……”

Long Jingguo’s words caused Long Xingxu’s head to lower instantly.

Being a side branch of the Dragon Family, this was something that Long Xingxu had never been able to lift his head from, so he desperately cultivated and relied on his talent to step into the ranks of the Martial Sect at a young age, he wanted to rely on his hard work and enter the core of the Dragon Family, but how easy it was to enter the core of the Dragon Family!

“Family Head, have you already confirmed that this Chen Ping is the child that was lost by the Eldest Miss back then?”

Long Xingxu asked.

“Apart from our Dragon Family bloodline, who can step into the ranks of Martial Sect in such a short period of time, moreover, I have sent someone to carefully check the details of this Chen Ping, he was training under an old man in prison three years ago, and I suspect that this old man is ……”

“That’s the Long Butler?” Long Xingxu’s eyes rounded slightly and said.

“Not bad, Long Butler followed Long Wu to escape from the Long family three years ago, and his whereabouts are still unknown, it looks like they should have found Ruo Tong’s child, and that child is this Chen Ping!”

Long Jingguo nodded his head.

“Family head, what should we do then? Should we send someone to capture that Chen Ping now?”

Since Chen Ping’s identity had already been established, they should just capture him.

“Wouldn’t arresting someone now make our Long Family have to follow the officials against them? You know that this Chen Ping has just defeated Watanabe Ichiro, but it is the time when he is in the limelight, besides, there is a group tournament in three days, if we arrest Chen Ping now, do you think that the higher-ups will come after our Long Family?”

Long Jingguo said with a grim look on his face.

Long Xingxu’s face showed embarra*sment as he carefully said, “Family Head, what should we do then?”

Long Jingguo did not answer Long Xingxu, but asked, “Have you understood what you were told to ask the Martial Dao Alliance about, and what place will be chosen for this year’s Martial Dao Trials?”

“Family head, the Martial Dao Alliance hasn’t got the exact place yet either, the higher ups haven’t approached the Martial Dao Alliance about this yet, but Lord Zhu has already said that after the higher ups announce the location, they will inform us at the first opportunity, but I feel that it’s close, we should let the eldest young master rush back early.”

Long Xingxu hurriedly replied.

“Xiao’er is not coming back this year, so for this trial, I am going to let you go, you have to seize this opportunity yourself ……”

Long Jingguo suddenly patted Long Xingxu’s shoulder with a serious tone and said.

Long Xingxu froze, followed by a slight tremor, and the excitement on his face could not be expressed in a single word.

“Thank you, family head, I will definitely live up to the cultivation of the family head ……”

Long Xingxu hurriedly had to kneel down in front of Long Jingguo.

The place chosen for each trial is some ruins, caves, ancient tombs and so on, what treasures are hidden inside, no one knows.

In the past, it was Long Jingguo’s son Long Xiao who went to every trial. This time Long Xingxu had the opportunity, and he was determined to make the most of it.