Phoenix Among Men Chapter 922

The Guardian Pavilion’s martial arts arena was lit up with a dozen tables.

All the members of the Protector of Dharma Pavilion were gathered together, today was a very happy day for the members of the Protector of Dharma Pavilion.

Chen Ping had defeated Ichiro Watanabe and had finally raised their eyebrows for once.

“Instructor Chen, you are simply too handsome today, let me toast you ……”

“Instructor Chen, you are the great saviour of our Dharma Protection Court, you have finally given our Court a breath of fresh air.”

“Instructor Chen, you will be my idol from now on, I want to worship you.”

Members of the Dharma Protection Pavilion continued to follow Chen Ping and toast him.

Chen Ping did not refuse, and soon drank a large jar of white wine.

“You should drink less.”

Xiao Lan saw Chen Ping’s drinking and said with some heartache.

“Don’t worry, I am not drunk in a thousand gla*ses.” Chen Ping had already reached the stage of incorruptibility, not to mention this amount of wine, even if he drank more, he would not get drunk.

“Chen Ping, your girlfriend is quite concerned about you ……”

Anna, who was sitting opposite Chen Ping, said with a faint smile.

This time, Zhao Wuji had called the delegation of the Bear Country to the gathering of the Protectorate, after all, they were friendly neighbours, so it was only right to exchange more feelings.

“Princess Anna misunderstood, we are just friends.”

Chen Ping explained.

“It doesn’t look like that to me, the way this Miss Xiaolan is looking at you, it’s all love and admiration.”

Anna glanced at Xiaolan and spoke indifferently.

“You’re looking at it wrong!” Chen Ping gave an embarra*sed smile.

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Anna giggled out, “Since this Miss Xiaolan is not your girlfriend, then where is your girlfriend? I want to see what a woman who can match you looks like ……”

Anna said, surprisingly holding a gla*s of wine and sitting next to Chen Ping, Xiaolan saw Anna that way, her face slightly cold, a little displeased.

“My girlfriend is not here, and I don’t know where she is right now ……”

Chen Ping finished, his eyes showed a few moments of longing, it had been almost two months since he followed Su Yuqi away, Chen Ping did miss her a bit, Chen Ping also did not know where Long Wu had taken Su Yuqi and the girls to.

“You don’t even know where your girlfriend is, you’re not very qualified as a boyfriend, but your girlfriend dares to let go of such a good man like you, her heart is too big, she’s not afraid that other women will steal you away. ……”

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At this moment, Chen Ping could even feel Anna’s breath and the warmth coming from Anna’s hand, which made Chen Ping a little manic inside and his heart beat faster.

Looking at Anna’s proactive look, Xiaolan’s face on the side became even more grim.

She felt that she was active enough, but she didn’t want this foreign girl to be even more active.

“Miss Anna, I still have something to do, you can talk to someone else first ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly got up, he knew that if he sat down, it was possible that this Anna would do something to him.

“Chen Ping, don’t go, we two haven’t had a drink yet?”

Anna tried to stop Chen Ping, but didn’t want to be directly pulled by Xiaolan.

“Princess Anna, I’ll drink with you ……”

Xiaolan picked up the gla*s of wine and drank it in one go, with a few provocations in her eyes.

Anna looked at Xiaolan’s eyes and also drank directly in one go, as the princess of the bear country, drinking she was not afraid of anyone.

Chen Ping did not care about them, but walked to a quiet place and sat down, looking at the star-filled sky, Chen Ping’s mood was not much happy.

Although he had defeated Ichiro Watanabe today, Chen Ping knew that his true strength had also been directly exposed to everyone, and it would be difficult to rely on hiding his strength and pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger in the future.