Phoenix Among Men Chapter 923

And as his strength was exposed, more and more people would pay attention to him, and the lure of the Dragon Crystal inside himself would become more and more enticing to others as well.

After all, since swallowing the dragon crystal, Chen Ping’s strength had grown rapidly, many people could see it in their eyes, they would not think it was the result of Chen Ping’s efforts, they would definitely put this credit, on the dragon crystal.

“The road ahead may be even more difficult, mother, I wonder if you are alright now?”

Chen Ping tilted his head and let out a soft sigh.

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?”

Zhao Wuji walked over at this time, he saw Chen Ping coming here alone and followed him.

“Nothing!” Chen Ping smiled, “Why don’t you join them for a drink to liven things up?”

Zhao Wuji sat down next to Chen Ping and gave him a cigarette.

Chen Ping hesitated, but finally took the cigarette.

Zhao Wuji personally lit it up for Chen Ping, who coughed violently twice after taking a puff.

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Zhao Wuji smiled, lit it for himself as well, and slowly exhaled after taking a deep puff.

“For the group competition in three days, I wonder how many of these guys will be able to come back ……”

Zhao Wuji said with a sigh.

When Chen Ping heard this, he also fell silent and then said, “I will try my best to bring them all back.”

Zhao Wuji shook his head slightly, “The reason why that Watanabe Ichiro conceded defeat today must be because he was thinking of wiping out his shame in the team competition, this guy is very sinister.”

Chen Ping didn’t say anything else, but quietly smoked his cigarette.

Half an hour or so later, Chen Ping followed Zhao Wuji back to the banquet, only to find that Xiaolan and Na Anna were both unconscious and drunk.

Chen Ping smiled helplessly and could only take Xiaolan away first.

At this moment, in stark contrast to the Protector’s Court, there was a hotel not far from the Protector’s Court.

Watanabe Ichiro looked at the bright lights and bustling atmosphere inside the Protector’s Pavilion, and his face was so cold that it almost dripped water.

“Mr. Watanabe, a message came from home asking me to explain what happened today, what should I say?”

A man in a suit walked over, this man was the head of the island delegation, but in the face of Ichiro Watanabe, this head didn’t dare to show a hint of disrespect.

Even if Ichiro Watanabe lost and fell to his knees to admit defeat, but they did not dare to laugh at Ichiro Watanabe.

Even the royal family was polite to the Watanabe family, so what were they.

“Explain what? Explain that I lost like that? Just tell them that I lost by deliberately showing weakness, and that when the team competition comes around, not a single member of the Daxia team will leave alive.”

Ichiro Watanabe looked at the man in charge and said coldly.

“Okay, I understand.”

The man in charge nodded and turned around, ready to leave.

“Wait a minute!” Watanabe Ichiro suddenly called out to that person in charge, “Have you prepared all the things I asked you to prepare?”

The person in charge’s face changed slightly, and then he was embarra*sed, “Mr. Watanabe, this is in Daxia after all, those things you asked me to prepare, if they are found out, none of us will be able to leave Daxia.”

Watanabe Ichiro’s face went cold, “So, you didn’t prepare?”

“I …………” the person in charge stuttered, not knowing what to say.


Suddenly, Watanabe Ichiro gave a fierce slap towards that person in charge, “If you don’t prepare, believe it or not, I will make you never go back now?”

The person in charge blushed furiously in fear and immediately bowed in apology, “Mr. Watanabe, I was wrong, I will go and prepare immediately ……”

After the person in charge left, Watanabe Ichiro looked at the brightly lit Protector’s Pavilion with a*suredness and murderous intent flashing in his eyes.