Phoenix Among Men Chapter 925

Three days were up in the blink of an eye!

At one of the ports, a large crowd had gathered here to watch the teams embark.

Because some teams had abandoned the competition, there were only three teams left to compete in the final team competition: Daxia, the Bear Kingdom and the Island Kingdom.

At this moment, all the members of the Guardian Pavilion were fully dressed and holding their weapons, all of them with high spirits, and with Chen Ping leading them, everyone was full of confidence.

Looking at these energetic and smiling team members, Zhao Wuji had an indescribable feeling inside.

He knew these island guys too well, these guys were ruthless, had no rules at all, and didn’t have the slightest bit of humanity to speak of.

The reason why they suddenly proposed such a group tournament, they must have been holding bad news inside their stomachs.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, don’t worry, I will try my best to bring back every single one of them.”

Looking at Zhao Wuji like that, Chen Ping said with relief.

“We can only hope on Mr. Chen now.” Zhao Wuji could only put all his hopes on Chen Ping now.

“Your Highness, with Mr. Chen around, we will definitely return triumphant this time.”

Xu Shimao said with confidence.

They had all seen Chen Ping’s strength with their own eyes, and since that Watanabe Ichiro was also defeated by his men, all of them were sure to return triumphantly from the group competition this time as well.

Zhao Wuji didn’t say anything, he didn’t have much confidence, but in order not to dampen the morale of his players, Zhao Wuji could only choose to be silent.

“Chen, let’s go together ……”

At this time, Andrew came over with his men, and he intended to bring them along with Chen Ping.

“Princess Anna?”

Zhao Wuji did not understand what Andrew meant by bringing people over and going with Chen Ping, after all, they were rivals in this group competition.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, I followed Andrew’s instructions, we won’t earn with you this time, as long as we join forces to exterminate the island guys on the island and don’t let them come back.”

Anna said to Zhao Wuji.

“This ……” Zhao Wuji was stunned, “Princess Anna, this is not in accordance with the rules, is it?”

“What’s not in accordance with the rules, when we get to the island, who cares if you have rules or not, do you think those island guys, will follow the rules with you?”

Anna questioned loudly.

Zhao Wuji laughed helplessly, he also knew that the island guys, definitely would not abide by the rules, maybe even set some kind of trap, waiting for them to step on it.

Now Andrew was joining forces with him to deal with Ichiro Watanabe, so Zhao Wuji was relieved.

A ship’s whistle was sounded and the three teams boarded in turn and set off towards the small island not far away.

There were many unknown dangers on the island, but each team member had a locator and a call for help, so if they couldn’t hold on, they could call for help and someone would come to meet them.

On top of the ship, Chen Ping led the team, following Andrew’s team in conversation, with only Ichiro Watanabe sitting aside with his own team!

“Captain, looking at the teams from the Daxia and Bear Kingdoms, it looks like they are going to make a coalition, if that happens, won’t we be at a disadvantage when we face two teams?”

A guy with a samurai sword and wearing a samurai uniform walked up to Watanabe Ichiro and asked in a small voice.

Watanabe Ichiro glanced at Chen Ping and Andrew, who were climbing into the conversation, and there was no trace of tension in his eyes, instead, a wry glint flashed, “If they want to unite, then let them unite, they won’t be able to escape this island alone by then.”

“Could it be that the captain already has a countermeasure?”

The samurai asked carefully.

Watanabe Ichiro faintly froze, then his face went cold and he said, “Baka, is that something you should ask?”

Seeing Ichiro Watanabe get angry, the samurai’s face changed in fear and he quickly bowed in apology, “I’m sorry, I was wrong ……”