Phoenix Among Men Chapter 926

The ship sailed on the sea and soon arrived at the island.

The ship did not leave after the people disembarked, they only had one day, and whoever could get the crystal ball placed in the centre of the island and return to the ship within one day was considered a winner.

After they boarded the island, Chen Ping found that the island was not very big and the scenery was very beautiful. If the island was too big, it would not be possible to find the crystal ball in one day.

“Mr. Chen, the air on this island is so nice, it smells very comfortable ……”

Xu Shimao sniffed hard and said somewhat greedily.

Chen Ping, on the other hand, frowned slightly and sniffed gently, his face becoming somewhat less natural.

“Captain Xu, tell everyone to hold their breath and move forward with a change of air ……”

Chen Ping instructed to Xu Shimao.

Xu Shimao was stunned, he did not understand what Chen Ping was trying to do, the air smelled so comfortable, so he still told to hold his breath?

However, since it was Chen Ping who gave the order, Xu Shimao could only obey, so he told all the members of the Dharma Protection Pavilion to hold their breath.

Luckily, these people were all above Zong Shi strength, so they could hold their breath and directly exchange air within their bodies, and they could also hold on for a while.

“Andrew, you tell your men to hurry up and hold their breath as well ……”

Chen Ping said as he looked to Andrew.

“Chen, what’s happening? Is it because you have sensed something?”

Andrew asked Chen Ping in disbelief.

“I feel that the air on this island is not right, like it has been tampered with ……” Chen Ping said with a slight frown.

“Manipulated?” Andrew froze, then laughed, “Chen, you’re being too cautious, it would be impossible to tamper with the air throughout such a large island.”

Andrew simply did not believe what Chen Ping said.

Who could put their hands on the air of the entire island, how could that be possible, it was something that could not be achieved at all.

When Chen Ping saw that Andrew did not believe him, he did not say anything more, but paid close attention to the air around the island.

After Ichiro Watanabe and the others got off the boat, they headed towards the centre of the island at a fast pace.

Now that Chen Ping and the others had fallen behind, they could only hurry up and catch up.

Andrew led the men closely behind Chen Ping and made no pretense of following him jointly.

In the dense jungle of the island, the more Chen Ping walked, the more he felt that something was wrong, but he could not say what was wrong, so he could only fight to the death.

At this moment, Ichiro Watanabe had already led his men deep into the hinterland of the island. In a flat clearing in the hinterland of the island, several bouquets of pink flowers were placed in the clearing, and three men wearing black cloaks and masks were chanting, and a constant stream of pink breath was wafting into the air from those bouquets.

Seeing Ichiro Watanabe coming, the three men in black instantly got up and walked over to Ichiro Watanabe: “Young Master Watanabe ……”

“Well, has the pollen from this Petunia flower spread throughout the island?”

Ichiro Watanabe asked to the three masked men in black.

“Young Master Watanabe, it has now spread over the entire island, but in order not to arouse their suspicion, we are at the edge and the pollen is not spread much.”

A man in black replied.

“Very well, when we return, I will reward you all heavily ……”

Ichiro Watanabe nodded in satisfaction.

“Thank you, young master Watanabe.” The three men in black instantly knelt down to the ground with joy.

The group of warriors that Watanabe had brought with him, looking at Watanabe who had long since spread the Petunia pollen on the island, each of their faces became a little unnatural.

The pollen was highly toxic and could cause hallucinations and even nervous disorders and delusions.

Ichiro Watanabe had secretly spread this pollen on the island without telling them in advance, and now all of them had inhaled it.

Watanabe Ichiro looked at the warriors under his command, then with a smile said, “I have the antidote here, no amount of you will be alright if you inhale it.”

As Ichiro Watanabe said this, he directly grabbed a handful of white powder and threw it towards those samurai, which was instantly sucked into their stomachs.