Phoenix Among Men Chapter 93

The bald middle-aged man saw this, his eyes slightly stared, but looking at the other side of the crowd, but also a bunch of rash, really want to fight, it is possible to own to lose, so the face gloomy said: “kid, you wait for me, have the ability to report the name, see I do not get you killed …… ”

“My name is Cui Zhiyuan, waiting for you right here, you think my brothers are vegetarian?”

The first time I saw you, I felt like a big brother on the road, and it was a great feeling!

“Good, good, good ……”

The middle-aged man said three good words in a row and turned around with his two bodyguards and left!

After the middle-aged man left, Cui Zhiyuan’s heart was very happy, he had never felt like this before, it was too powerful, it was simply great ……

“The other side didn’t even dare to say a word about that kick!”

“The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

“Manager Cui is awesome, I wonder if Manager Cui has been on the road ……”

A group of people were praising Cui Zhiyuan, which made Cui Zhiyuan a great success!

Cui Zhiyuan was pleased with himself, but on the surface he pretended to be light-hearted and said, “I rely on you all to support me, since you are all so kind, today I, Cui Zhiyuan, can’t be stingy, this time I will serve a few bottles of Lafite, you can all try it ……”

“Awesome ……”

“Long live Manager Cui ……”

The crowd all shouted with excitement at the sound of Lafite, knowing that working men like them seldom drank this kind of wine!

“Zhiyuan, we’d better go, this will be a problem if the other party really calls someone ……”

Sun Xiaomeng said to Cui Zhiyuan.

At this moment, Cui Zhiyuan was drunk and with so many people supporting him, how could he still be afraid of that bald middle-aged man.

“Xiaomeng, don’t worry, with me here, you don’t have to be afraid ……”

Cui Zhiyuan patted his chest and said.

“Manager Cui, I heard that this KTV is the shop of Ju Yi Tang, which is owned by that Lin Tianhu, we just fought, will it ……”

An employee said cautiously.

“Fear not, I know Lin Tianhu very well, don’t worry!”

Cui Zhiyuan said with a big wave of his hand and a bullish voice.

When Sun Xiaomeng heard that it was Lin Tianhu’s shop, she relaxed and said, “Since it’s Master Tiger’s shop, that’s good, Zhiyuan is very familiar with Master Tiger, my company’s external accounts were brought up with the help of Master Tiger at Zhiyuan’s word!”

Sun Xiaomeng’s words instantly made everyone look at Cui Zhiyuan in awe, to be able to follow the underground emperor of Hongcheng, that’s so awesome, it can be bragged about for life!

“Manager Cui is really deep in hiding, he even knows Master Tiger!”

“If the other party dares to come, we will beat him up and make him cry for his mother ……”

“Let’s drink, with Manager Cui here, who dares to mess with us ……”

Once they heard that Cui Zhiyuan knew Lin Tianhu, these guys became even more reckless!

Chen Ping sat in the corner, the corners of his mouth raised slightly and smiled faintly!

It seems that this Cui Zhiyuan is still always living inside his dream world if he doesn’t eat some pain!

“What are you laughing at, you still have the face to laugh, just now that old man wanted to take us away, you were so scared that you didn’t move a muscle, Wang Han Han is your girlfriend, you can’t even protect your own girlfriend, what kind of man are you, and now you are still laughing!”

Wang Lan Lan saw Chen Ping sitting inside the corner and laughing, she was discontented and accused!

“Right, still a man? Your own girlfriend is about to be taken away, and you turn a blind eye to it ……”

“If it wasn’t for Manager Cui’s intervention, you would have been cuckolded today!”

“And this Zhang Tongjian, sitting there, not even daring to move, no backbone at all!”

The people all started to accuse Chen Ping and Zhang Tongjian, after all, they were the only two who sat still and didn’t move!