Phoenix Among Men Chapter 94

Chen Ping is aware that he does not have to move, and that Zhang Tongjian is indeed too frightened to move!

“Well, ignore these two goons, go out and personally ask for Lafite, let’s drink ……”

Cui Zhiyuan waved his hand and said!

Soon someone went out to ask for wine, while the others looked coldly at Chen Ping and Zhang Tongjian, no one was paying attention to them!


At this moment, in the general manager’s office of Dynasty KTV, the balding middle-aged man with two bodyguards was inside.

The office is very luxuriously decorated, behind a desk that is more than three meters long sits a man in a Zhongshan suit, behind the man also stands a girl, wearing a cheongsam, the hem opens to the waist, revealing fair skin, face is painted with thick makeup, is giving the Zhongshan suit man a head press!

This man in the middle suit was the manager of this Dynasty KTV, Hou Chunlei, who was also considered Lin Tianhu’s right hand man, otherwise Lin Tianhu would not have given him this KTV to take care of!

“Boss Qian, what brings you to my place in such a rage?”

Hou Chunlei asked indifferently as he half-squinted his eyes.

“Manager Hou, this Dynasty KTV of yours is too messy, just now a bunch of rash youngsters actually beat up my men, and now there is still a clear footprint on my men!”

That balding Qian boss pointed at one of his bodyguards and said!

On that bodyguard’s belly, there was still a clearly visible footprint!

“There’s such a thing?” Hou Chunlei opened his eyes and sat up straight: “What’s the other party? Is it from the Red Dragon Gang?”

In Hou Chunlei’s opinion, only guys from the Red Dragon Gang would dare to cause trouble in their place!

“It doesn’t look like it, just a bunch of youngsters, I heard a few girls in their private room singing well and wanted to bring them to my private room to sing a couple of songs, but I didn’t expect these guys to dare to do it.” Boss Qian’s eyes flashed with coldness and he said through clenched teeth, “I came to see Manager Hou because this is Master Tiger’s venue, so I came to talk to him, if he doesn’t care, then I’ll find someone myself, and then Manager Hou won’t blame me!”

“It’s just a bunch of kids, why is Boss Qian angry? I’ll send someone to follow Boss Qian. ……”

Hou Chunlei said, and shouted towards the door, “Binzi …………”

At this moment, a man with a fierce face and arms covered with tattoos walked in!

“Brother Hou ……” That Binzi shouted respectfully!

“Someone just caused trouble at the KTV, you follow Boss Qian to check it out, just don’t get killed, recently Master Tiger gave the word for us to keep a low profile!”

Hou Chunlei instructed to that Binzi!

“Got it Brother Hou ……”

Binzi nodded his head.

“Manager Hou, thanks a lot!” That Boss Qian arched his hand towards Hou Chunlei!

“You’re welcome, Boss Qian, I certainly have to manage after suffering here, in the future, Boss Qian just take care of my business more ……”

Hou Chunlei smiled lightly.

Soon, that Boss Qian took Binzi to the private room where Chen Ping and the others were, followed by a dozen KTV thugs!

At this moment in the private room, Cui Zhiyuan and the others were drinking Lafite, each with a red face and yelling with excitement, when suddenly the room door was kicked open!

Everyone froze, and when they saw that it was the balding middle-aged man returning with his men, panic appeared on each of their faces, after all, this time there were more than a dozen people behind the other party, all of them fierce and fierce!

“Boss Qian, who just moved the hand?”

Binzi asked to Boss Qian.

Boss Qian kept Cui Zhiyuan saying, “It was him, this kid beat up my men!”

Binzi took a glance at Cui Zhiyuan, and then scanned the circle, and immediately knew that these people were all ordinary people, and not in the Dao.

“Did you just beat up Boss Qian’s men?” Binzi walked up to Cui Zhiyuan and asked indifferently.

Seeing Binzi’s face of cross flesh and the tattoos on his body, Cui Zhiyuan was a bit scared, but through the strength of his drink, Cui Zhiyuan still nodded: “Not bad, I beat them up, they bullied my girlfriend!”