Phoenix Among Men Chapter 95

When Binzi saw that Cui Zhiyuan had admitted it, he was a bit surprised and gave Cui Zhiyuan a look up and down and said, “You have guts, you dare to do something, I won’t make it hard for you, now go kneel down and apologize to Boss Qian, and this matter will be finished today ……”

When he heard that he had to kneel down, Cui Zhiyuan would not agree and shook his head and said, “It’s impossible for me to kneel down to him, it’s him who messed with us in the first place!”

When Binzi saw Cui Zhiyuan’s refusal, his face suddenly turned cold: “No one dares to refuse my words!”

With that, that Binzi suddenly shot out his hand and directly grabbed Cui Zhiyuan’s collar, picking him up!

When the others saw this, although they wanted to go up and help Cui Zhiyuan, but looking at the dozen or so tiger-eyed fighters behind that Boss Qian, they all wimped out!

“Zhiyuan ……” Sun Xiaomeng saw that the other party had actually done something, immediately shouted and rushed over: “You let go of him, my father is Sun Fuhai, we are employees of the Su family Xin Yu Daily Chemical… …”

Sun Xiaomeng tried hard to break Binzi’s hand, but no matter how hard she tried, Binzi didn’t move at all!

Cui Zhiyuan’s face turned red at this point, his breathing was beginning to be difficult, his eyes were wide open and his mouth was wide open ……

The fear of death was invading him!

Sun Xiaomeng, looking at Cui Zhiyuan’s appearance, was anxious and continued to shout, “This is Master Tiger’s territory, if you do it in Master Tiger’s territory, Master Tiger will definitely not let you go, he knows Master Tiger ……”

As soon as Sun Xiaomeng’s words fell, Binzi’s face really did change slightly, his brow furrowed and his hand let go.

“Cough cough cough …………”

Cui Zhiyuan coughed hard after being released, gasping for air!

“Zhiyuan, are you alright?” Sun Xiaomeng asked with concern.

And when the others saw that this Binzi let go of his hand straight after hearing about Master Tiger, they thought that Binzi was very afraid of Lin Tianhu, so they shouted, “Our Manager Cui is very familiar with Master Tiger, if you dare to touch him, Master Tiger won’t spare you ……”

“I tell you, one word from our manager Cui and that Lin Tianhu will be obedient!”

“Just yesterday, our manager Cui only made a phone call and that Lin Tianhu immediately went to help with the bill, you guys messed with manager Cui, just wait for death ……”

Those from the sales department under Cui Zhiyuan, knowing that the other side was afraid of Lin Tianhu, started shouting one by one, blowing Cui Zhiyuan to the skies!

After Chen Ping in the corner heard this, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but raise slightly, these ignorant guys, the more he said this, the more he pushed Cui Zhiyuan towards the edge of death!

When Cui Zhiyuan heard that these guys were blowing smoke up his a*s, he was so scared that he could not wait to scold these guys!

As he listened to the crowd, Binzi’s face became increasingly ugly, and the killing intent in his eyes grew stronger and stronger!

Although Hou Chunlei had instructed him not to kill anyone, but these guys were using the name of Master Tiger to cheat outside, how could he stand it!

Seeing Binzi’s face getting more and more ugly, the gang under Cui Zhiyuan thought they were afraid, and they all got complacent!

“You know you’re scared now? Hurry up and get out while you can, if we make a call to Master Tiger, none of you will be able to leave ……”

Sun Xiaomeng also followed Binzi with a smug look on his face and said.

“Shut up, all of you shut the f*ck up ……”

Cui Zhiyuan shouted at Sun Xiaomeng!

Only he himself knew that he didn’t know Lin Tianhu at all, and had never even met him.

Seeing Cui Zhiyuan suddenly yelling at himself, Sun Xiaomeng was stunned, not knowing what was wrong with Cui Zhiyuan, but he didn’t dare to speak anymore!

“You know Master Tiger?” Binzi asked gloomily as he stared at Cui Zhiyuan.

Cui Zhiyuan was now racked by the crowd and had no choice, if he admitted at this time that he didn’t know, wouldn’t he be laughed to death by the crowd.