Phoenix Among Men Chapter 936

“The night pearl is here, this group race, we win ……”

After Chen Ping got off the boat, he held up the Night Pearl in his hand and said in a loud voice.

Many people began to cheer when they saw that Chen Ping had got the Night Pearl to win, after all, this was the land of Daxia, and it would be too disgraceful to let the island win.

The crowd clustered around Chen Ping and the others and started to return, but then the island leader stopped the way.

“Wait a minute, where are our men? Where is Mr. Watanabe Ichiro?”

The chief . Enquired loudly.

Although the person in charge already had a bad feeling inside, he still held on to a hint of illusion.

Chen Ping looked at the island chief and said with a cold smile, “Your Mr. Watanabe Ichiro will never be able to return.”

Chen Ping’s words directly dashed the island chief’s illusions.

“Baka, you killed Watanabe Ichiro?”

The island chief’s eyes glared, his eyes filled with rage.

Chen Ping was not afraid at all, killing intent rose from his body, he directly took a step forward and approached the island chief, “Not only did I kill your Watanabe Ichiro, I also killed all the people you sent to the island, if you want to pursue the matter, I can accompany you to the end and publish the nasty things you have done to the public.”

Chen Ping’s words caused the head of the island to instantly flinch on the spot, and although he still had anger in his eyes, he had to move out of the way.

They had broken the rules in the first place, and if they really pursued the matter, it would be they who would end up losing face.

At this moment, Chen Ping still did not know that his killing of Ichiro Watanabe had caused him a lot of trouble in the future.

Back at the Protector’s Pavilion, as everyone was tired from their labours, Zhao Wuji arranged for Chen Ping and the others to rest first, and a celebration party would be held for them tomorrow.

As to why they were on the island, Zhao Wouji did not want to know, he only knew that Ichiro Watanabe’s entire team was killed and the Dharma Protector Pavilion had won.

In Chen Ping’s room, Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er were in there with no intention of leaving, they hadn’t seen Chen Ping for over a month, and these two did miss him.

And the two sisters, Wu Mei’er and Xiao Lan, saw each other again and hugged each other happily, not knowing where they had run off to play.

“Chen Ping, isn’t it time for you to explain what you’ve been doing following that Xiao Lan for the past month or so?”

Su Yuqi asked with a deliberately stern face, looking like she was interrogating a prisoner.

“Nothing? We didn’t do anything, I can swear to heaven ……”

Chen Ping raised his hand in a serious manner, and was ready to swear.

Seeing that Chen Ping was really going to swear, Su Yuqi was so scared that she hurriedly pulled Chen Ping’s hand, “I’m just messing with you, what are you swearing for, I know that Xiaolan is still a big girl, I can tell.”

“So powerful? You can even tell this?”

Chen Ping said with some surprise.

“Chen Ping, let me tell you, the current Yu Qi is not the old Yu Qi, Uncle Long said, Yu Qi’s fire spirit body bloodline, if she really wants to cultivate, she might even surpa*s you, now Yu Qi is very powerful.” Gu Ling’er said, then turned to Su Yuqi and said, “Yuqi, show your hand, let Chen Ping see, save this Chen Ping from having bad intentions when you are not around.”

“Yuqi, what kind of stunts do you have now? Show it to me quickly ……”

Chen Ping was also curious, wanting to know what was different about Su Yuqi’s fire spirit body.

Su Yuqi squirmed a little, but she could not stand Chen Ping’s prayers, and finally smiled slightly, and suddenly flames began to emerge from Su Yuqi’s body, flames that wrapped around Su Yuqi, while Su Yuqi herself was not harmed in any way.