Phoenix Among Men Chapter 937

Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi in front of him and somewhat wanted to laugh, this technique of controlling flames was something Chen Ping knew a long time ago, otherwise how else would he refine pills?

Chen Ping opened his hand, and blue flames began to dance above his palm as well.

“This kind of fire control technique, I know it too ……”

Chen Ping said with some disappointment, he had thought how powerful Su Yuqi’s stance was.

Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er looked at Chen Ping, the two of them smiled and no one spoke, while the flames on Su Yuqi’s body unexpectedly began to change, and in the end, they actually turned into the shape of a phoenix and detached from Su Yuqi’s body.

“A fire phoenix?” Chen Ping was shocked!

Just as Chen Ping was shocked, the fire phoenix opened its mouth, only to see the ball of flame in Chen Ping’s hand flying uncontrollably into the mouth of the fire phoenix.

Immediately afterwards, the fire phoenix opened its mouth again and spewed out that blue flame from its mouth with a huge amount of energy, causing Chen Ping to reach out and draw a golden barrier in front of him with a start.

After the light blue flame touched the barrier, it instantly disappeared without a trace, but the barrier in front of Chen Ping did show cracks.

Chen Ping was astonished, he did not expect the fire phoenix to be so powerful. Generally speaking, no matter whether it was created with qi or aura or any other medium, its power would be greatly reduced and it would not be able to bring out the maximum strength of its owner.

But this fire phoenix in front of him was obviously different, the aura emitted by this fire phoenix was even higher than Su Yuqi’s. This was too strange, as if this fire phoenix was not controlled by Su Yuqi at all.

Looking at Chen Ping’s shocked look, Su Yuqi waved her hand and the fire phoenix instantly turned into a ball of flame wrapped around Su Yuqi before slowly disappearing.

“Chen Ping, now you have seen how powerful Yu Qi is, right? If you dare to wrong Yu Qi in the future, be careful that she burns your butt with fire.”

Gu Ling’er looked at Chen Ping’s shocked look and said with a smile.

“This …… this is too powerful.”

Chen Ping was inwardly excited, the higher Su Yuqi’s strength was, the happier it was for Chen Ping, it was always good to have a few more helpers around when the time came.

“This is nothing, Yuqi has even more powerful things to do.”

Gu Ling’er said smugly.

“There’s more? What other stunts?” Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi in surprise.

Su Yuqi smiled faintly, “It’s not really a stunt anymore, it’s my blood that can help any living creature and raise its own strength.”

This statement from Su Yuqi directly caused Chen Ping to be somewhat baffled, he did not understand what Su Yuqi meant by it.

Seeing that Chen Ping did not understand, Gu Ling’er hurriedly explained, “It is that Yu Qi’s blood contains a substance that can stimulate the cells in the body, whether it is a human or an animal, as long as they drink Yu Qi’s blood, they will be able to improve their strength.”

Gu Ling’er’s explanation caused Chen Ping’s eyes to widen as he looked at Su Yuqi incredulously, “There’s still such a thing? How is this possible?”

Chen Ping had never heard that sucking human blood could boost one’s strength, knowing that Chen Ping knew quite a lot of medical arts and alchemy, and had also received the Pill God Valley Master’s true transmission of the Supreme Dan Record, he had never seen such a record.

“What’s the point of lying to you, Little White just inadvertently licked Yu Qi’s injured hand, and as a result, his strength increased greatly, didn’t you see see him Little White directly killed that huge ferocious beast?”

Gu Ling’er said hurriedly.

However, Chen Ping was still a bit unconvinced, although the strength of that snow wolf had indeed increased, but to say that it had licked Su Yuqi’s blood to increase its strength greatly, Chen Ping did not quite believe it.

Seeing that Chen Ping did not quite believe it, Gu Ling’er was a little anxious, so she said, “If you don’t believe it, then just lick Su Yuqi’s blood and you will know.”