Phoenix Among Men Chapter 942

“Please, then!”

Zhao Wuji made a gesture of invitation.

Xuan Yuan Yan waved his hand, “Go in!”

Xuan Yuan Yan gave the word, and only then did Xuan Yuan Kai and Xuan Yuan Rong walk towards the inside of the Protector’s Pavilion.

“Dad, after the celebration, the Martial Alliance won’t be protecting that Chen Ping either, you must take revenge for me.”

Xuan Yuan Kai whispered in Xuan Yuan Yan’s ear.

“Keep your mouth shut, today is not the time to talk about this.”

Xuanyuan Yan glared at Xuanyuan Kai.

On the other side, Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, no matter who is looking for trouble today, you must temper yourself so as not to create a bad impression of Mr. Shi, which will not be worth the loss.”

Chen Ping nodded, “I understand!”

Soon, many more people arrived, all of them were some famous clans and families in the martial arts world, such a line-up made Zhao Wuji feel a little surprised, he didn’t know who had invited these people.

He was afraid that it would be a difficult thing to invite all of them, knowing that each of these people had a prominent position.

“Mr. Chen …………”

At this time, Zhao Liguo also came with Zhao Barging, and upon seeing Chen Pingzhi, he hurriedly went up to greet him.

“You guys are here too?” Chen Ping was a little surprised, “Who invited you guys?”

Zhao Liguo said, “We all came here after being notified by the Martial Arts Union, I’m not sure exactly who sent the invitation.”

Chen Ping faintly stared, then said, “You guys go in first!”

After Zhao Liguo took Zhao Barging inside, Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, I’m afraid that this celebration is going to be a lively one, probably all these guys from the martial arts world, hearing that Mr. Shi is coming, have come over to curry favour.”

Zhao Wuji’s words made Chen Ping even more curious about this Mr. Shi.

Slowly, quite a few people came, while Zhao Wuji kept looking at his watch anxiously as he waited for this Mr. Shi to appear.

Just then, a stretch limousine appeared, and Zhao Wouji hurriedly greeted it.

But when the car door opened, the one who came down was actually a familiar figure.

Guo Wei, the director of the Martial Arts Alliance.

After getting out of the car, Guo Wei did not pay any attention to Zhao Wuji, but respectfully invited an old man out of the car, who was dressed in white robes and had gleaming eyes.

Although the old man was not young, he had a strong aura.

Facing this old man, whether it was Chen Ping or Zhao Wouji, all had a sense of oppression.

“Zhu …… Zhu Alliance Master, welcome welcome ……”

After seeing the old man, Zhao Wuji immediately said respectfully, his voice changing a bit as he spoke.

The old man nodded slightly as a greeting after Zhao Wouji, and then placed his gaze on Chen Ping’s body.

“Is this the Chen Ping who killed Watanabe Ichiro?”

The old man pointed at Chen Ping and said.

“Yes, he is Chen Ping!”

Zhao Wuji nodded and then said to Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, this is Alliance Master Zhu Zhishan of the Martial Dao Alliance.”

“Greetings, Alliance Master Zhu!” Chen Ping nodded his head in greeting.

Zhu Zhishan hmmed and didn’t say anything more, but followed Guo Wei into the Guardian Pavilion.

“Zhu alliance master, what a coincidence …………”

Just as Zhu Zhishan was about to enter to the Dharma Protector Pavilion, a car suddenly stopped, followed by a man getting out and following Zhu Zhishan with a greeting.

“Long family master, I didn’t expect you to be so late too ……”

Zhu Zhishan saw the person who greeted him and immediately smiled.

And when Chen Ping saw the man in front of him, a sudden killing intent, if any, erupted from his body.

Seemingly sensing the killing intent on Chen Ping, Long Jingguo looked at Chen Ping with a smile on his face.

This was the first time the two of them had looked at each other up close.

Only Long Jingguo only gave Chen Ping a glance before averting his gaze and following Zhu Zhishan as he chatted and walked into the Protector’s Pavilion.