Phoenix Among Men Chapter 943

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Wuji, who was beside Chen Ping, also felt the faint killing intent on Chen Ping’s body, and asked in confusion.

“Nothing!” Chen Ping shook his head.

When Zhao Wuji saw that Chen Ping was not saying anything, he did not pursue the matter.

After waiting for a while longer, the regular reinforcements all arrived, but there was still no sign of Mr. Shi, so in the end, Zhao Wuji and Chen Ping could only go inside first.

The hall of the Guardian Pavilion was now filled with people, and all of them were not simple, some of them were talking to each other and some were resting their eyes.

Among these people, Chen Ping also found some familiar figures, the tomb raider Hu Baqi and Cheng Kun of the Thunderbolt Sect were all here, but Chen Ping did not know if they had come with the family or if they had been invited themselves.

However, among these people, there were no figures from the Bai and Qin families, whether it was Bai Xiushan or Qin Xiaotian, neither of them could appear here, it should be that neither the Bai nor Qin families were qualified yet.

After about another half an hour or so, the entire noisy hall suddenly quieted down inside, only to see a middle-aged man walk in, followed by four people in uniform behind the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man exuded a powerful aura that made people not dare to look at him directly, and everyone stood up in unison after seeing him.

After seeing the middle-aged man, Chen Ping’s eyes were rounded and his face was full of shock.

It was not that Chen Ping knew the middle-aged man, but the four uniformed men behind the middle-aged man that Chen Ping had seen before.

These four people were the same four people who appeared after Chen Ping first encountered and was saved by Long Wu in Kyoto, among whom that Captain Xing was still among them.

At that time, after Chen Ping had seen the tactics of these four people, he had long worshipped these people as immortal-like existences, but now these people, surprisingly, were just other people’s little followers.

“Mr. Shi …………”

Everyone shouted at the middle-aged man.

“Hahahaha, sorry for the delay, a bit delayed and came a bit late ……”

That Mr. Shi said with a laugh, and then waved his hand for everyone to sit down.

“Mr. Chen, this is the Mr. Shi I was talking about, the special department he represents right now.”

Zhao Wuji whispered to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, without Zhao Wuji’s introduction, Chen Ping could also see that.

The strength of the four followers behind that Mr. Shi alone was afraid that many people here were no match.

As the celebration began, that Mr. Shi took the scripted paper and began to say some official words, although no one liked to hear this, but they all sat quietly.

After saying some unpleasant words, Mr. Shi swept his gaze over Chen Ping and said with a faint smile, “We were able to achieve such a result in this international tournament and kill that arrogant Watanabe Ichiro, it is all because of Chen Ping, you martial arts community should also learn more from Chen Ping, don’t always see the small profit in front of you, but put the country first. ”

“I know that you clans and families are usually used to being unrestrained and don’t like to join the official sector to be constrained, I won’t force it, after all, people have their own aspirations, but I hope that you martial arts community, don’t fight and kill for some resources, I heard that you have so many clans and families going after Chen Ping for a dragon crystal, the trials we hold for the martial arts community every year, you get not enough resources?”

“Now that Chen Ping has joined the Guardian Pavilion, he is a member of the official family, and I believe that all of you sitting here can know the consequences of killing Chen Ping.”

Mr. Shi’s words instantly caused a cacophony of noise below.

Long Jingguo’s face was full of gloom, he could never have imagined that this fellow Chen Ping had gotten lucky by joining a small Guardian Pavilion, and had shocked Mr. Shi into speaking up for him.

At the same time, the Xuan Yuan family was also shocked, Xuan Yuan Kai had just said that he wanted to seek revenge on Chen Ping, and now the above had directly said such a thing, and asked how their Xuan Yuan family could deal with Chen Ping.