Phoenix Among Men Chapter 945

“Mr. Shi is right in his lesson, I will strengthen the order of the martial world in the future ……,” Zhu Zhishan said as he kept nodding his head.

“There is one more thing that I want to tell you all, this year’s trials, since no secret realm or relic suitable for trials has been found for the time being, so there is a possibility that it will be postponed, your major sects and families also pay more attention to see what can be tried out!”

Mr Shi said indifferently.

As soon as they heard that the trials had been postponed, the crowd was in an uproar and began to talk to each other.

At this time, Zhao Liguo turned his gaze to Chen Ping and winked towards him.

He was asking Chen Ping to tell them about the tomb that he had found now, if it would be suitable for the trial it would be best, then Chen Ping would carry more weight in this Mr Shi’s heart.

“Mr. Shi, I do know a place, I don’t know if it is suitable as a place for trial ……”

Chen Ping saw Zhao Liguo’s eyes and then got up and said.

Swish …………

Everyone instantly stopped talking and placed their gazes on Chen Ping’s body.

“Mr. Chen, this place of trial, it is not just any place ……”

Zhao Wuji reminded Chen Ping in a small voice beside him.

He was afraid that if Chen Ping named a very common place for cultivation, then he was going to be laughed off.

“Chen Ping, right? Tell me where this place is?”

Mr Shi looked at Chen Ping and asked with great interest.

“Mr. Shi, it’s just outside of our Kyoto.”

Chen Ping said.

As soon as Chen Ping’s words left his mouth, the whole room was in an uproar.

“Chen Ping, do you know what kind of places are suitable for trials? Just dare to talk nonsense here, so many sects and families exist around the whole of Kyoto, one must have searched for them many times, where else are there places suitable for trials?”

Xuanyuan Yan questioned at Chen Ping.

“You are talking nonsense, to say that in other places, it is possible that you have found some relics and ancient tombs or something like that, it is simply impossible in Kyoto, this place has been searched many times.”

“That’s just nonsense, I can walk around Kyoto with my eyes closed, if there really is such a place, I could not know ……”

“Young man, still drifting, thinking that he killed Ichiro Watanabe and Mr. Shi appreciates him, he dares to talk nonsense.”

The crowd talked about Chen Ping, no one believed what Chen Ping said.

“Chen Ping, do you know that such an occasion is not suitable for joking? I read that you still don’t know what a trial is, so sit down first!”

Mr. Shi also did not believe Chen Ping’s words at all.

In the hundreds of miles around Kyoto, they were afraid that they would not be able to find a place for trials, and they had searched the surrounding area long ago.

There was only one person, however, who looked at Chen Ping with a somewhat wrong expression on his face, and that person was Hu Baqi, who seemed to have guessed what place Chen Ping was trying to talk about.

“Mr Shi, although I don’t know what place is suitable for the trial, this place I am talking about is an imperial tomb, and if it has not been excavated, there must be quite a lot of things inside.”

Chen Ping did not sit down, but continued to speak indifferently.

“An emperor’s tomb? You’re f*cking hysterical, aren’t you? How can there be an undiscovered imperial tomb in Kyoto?”

Xuan Yuan Kai immediately sneered at Chen Ping.

Everyone also began to laugh at Chen Ping, thinking that Chen Ping really dared to brag.

However, that Mr. Shi’s face slowly turned cold, because Chen Ping’s words made him look a little ugly.

They had scouted the whole of Kyoto, I don’t know how many times, many of the emperor’s tombs that were now developed were discovered by them, and now Chen Ping was saying that he had found another emperor’s tomb in Kyoto, how was this possible, was this not saying that everyone else was a waste?

“Mr. Chen, don’t be talking nonsense, where else is there an imperial tomb in the whole of Kyoto ……”

Seeing this, Zhao Wuji hurriedly winked towards Chen Ping and told him to stop talking.