Phoenix Among Men Chapter 946

But Chen Ping pretended not to see it and continued to say to Mr. Shi, “This imperial tomb is right next to the current imperial tomb, underneath that small hill is, if I’m not wrong, that small hill, should be the sealed earth of that imperial tomb ……”

This time, everyone was even more explosive, that place has now become a tourist attraction, receiving countless people every day, if there is still an emperor’s tomb under there, how could it not be discovered?

And that Mr. Shi looked at Chen Ping with his eyes slightly fixed: “Chen Ping, is what you say true? If there is nothing there, do you know what your words here today will bring you?”

“Mr. Shi, I am willing to take responsibility for what I have said.”

Chen Ping said with a calm face.

Seeing how calm Chen Ping was, Mr Shi had a few moments of faith in Chen Ping’s words, while the others also began to waver.

For no one would be foolish enough to deceive Mr. Shi on such an occasion again, not to mention that Chen Ping was not foolish.

“Mr. Shi, there is indeed an ancient tomb under that mountain bag, just that it is not clear whether it is the emperor’s tomb or not, I found it some time ago, and when I was trying to explore it exactly a few days ago, I ran into this kid, who disturbed me from exploring it with the Seven Star Formation, or else I would have reported it up.”

At this time, Hu Baqi stood up and said.

Hu Baqi had first discovered the tomb, and he had planned to dig it secretly himself, but he didn’t want Chen Ping to break through it.

Hu Baji was not happy about this, so he stood up and tried to take the credit for it.

The Hu family is a family that makes its living by searching caves and exploring tombs, and no one in this family can beat the Hu family.

Mr. Shi glanced at Hu Baqi, for what Hu Baqi said about reporting upwards, Mr. Shi wouldn’t believe it at all, these clan families, when they came across such a good resource, how would they share it out, only Mr. Shi didn’t pick it out.

“Good, I will send someone to investigate exactly, if this place is however the emperor’s tomb, Chen Ping your credit is not small ……”

Mr. Shi finished speaking and stepped outside.

Seeing that Mr. Shi was leaving, everyone got up to see him off.

Zhao Wuji took Chen Ping with him and also hurriedly sent him out respectfully.

“Chen Ping, the wind will destroy the wood in the forest, the shelter of others can only be temporary, the only one who can shelter you is yourself ……”

Before getting into the car, Mr. Shi patted Chen Ping’s shoulder and said.

Chen Ping understood Mr. Shi’s words and nodded faintly.

To live on in this cruel society, what was needed was one’s own strength, relying on the shelter of others was not a long-term solution after all.

Mr Shi left, and many people also left, if it wasn’t for Mr Shi, the Protector Pavilion wouldn’t have had the strength to invite them here.

“Chen Ping, don’t think that I can spare you just because you have a backer, this revenge of breaking your arm is unforgivable, you wait for me ……”

Xuan Yuan Kai looked at Chen Ping and gritted his teeth.

“Whatever ……”

Chen Ping said with a face full of indifference.

Such an expression on Chen Ping’s face almost didn’t kill Xuan Yuan Kai, but here, he didn’t dare to make a move against Chen Ping, after all, Mr. Shi had just explained.

“Xiao Kai, we’re leaving ……”

After giving Chen Ping a cold look, Xuan Yuan Yan called his son to leave, he was also afraid that Xuan Yuan Kai wouldn’t be able to resist and make a move on Chen Ping.

“Dad, are we just going to let Chen Ping go?”

After leaving, Xuanyuan Kai said with a face full of indignation.

Slap ……

Just as Xuanyuan Kai finished speaking, Xuanyuan Yan slapped him across the face, “b*****d, just now you almost buried our entire Xuanyuan family, do you know that? How dare you question Mr. Shi, can’t you see that Zhu Zhishan doesn’t even dare to let out a fart in front of Mr. Shi?”