Phoenix Among Men Chapter 948

Looking at Chen Ping like that, Zhao Wuji noticed that Chen Ping was changing more and more, and he didn’t know since when that young man he used to despise at all was moving step by step towards the heights he looked up to.

On the other hand, Long Jingguo’s face was grim as he made his way back to the Long Family.

“Family head, Mr Shi has given his word, what should we do?”

Long Xingxu asked in a small voice.

“What to do is what to do, Mr. Shi only said that Chen Ping cannot be killed, but he did not say that he cannot be arrested, what I want is not Chen Ping’s life, what I want is his current identity, can you understand that?”

Long Jingguo asked as he looked at Long Xingxu.

“Understood!” Long Xingxu nodded his head.

Killing or not killing Chen Ping meant nothing to Long Jingguo, all he needed was to capture Chen Ping, and after determining his identity, using Chen Ping to threaten his sister Long Ruotong and reveal the secret he had been pursuing for over twenty years was the main thing.

“You personally lead people, go to the place Chen Ping said, if it is determined that the adventure will choose there, you bring more things to send to the Zhu alliance master, if this place is really the emperor’s tomb, then there are no less treasures inside ……”

Long Jingguo’s eyes faintly stared and said.

“I know, please rest a*sured, family head!” Long Xingxu nodded his head.

This time, Long Xingxu went to participate in the adventure, and everything he did now was considered to be done for himself, and it was impossible for Long Xingxu not to care.


Chen Ping did not stay too long in Kyoto after the celebration, but took Long Wu and the others to return directly to Hongcheng.

Before returning to Hong City, Chen Ping went to the Pill God Valley and refined the Black Jade Severing Ointment and brought it back with him.

When Chen Ping arrived at the hospital with the Black Jade Severing Ointment, Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix’s men were all overjoyed to see Chen Ping coming.

Although they were still lying in bed, they were conscious and could communicate and talk normally, only that their bones were broken and they could not move.

Lin Tianhu was still holding a cigarette in his mouth, and there was a henchman beside him who was dedicated to flicking the ashes, looking at Lin Tianhu’s appearance, it seemed that he was still very relaxed.

“Lin Tianhu, your whole body has been cracked and you’ve become an invalid, and you’re still in the mood to smoke?”

Chen Ping said with a joking smile.

“Mr. Chen, you have the art of raising the dead, as long as I, Lin Tianhu, still have a breath, I am not afraid ……”

Lin Tianhu laughed heatedly.

Chen Ping also smiled helplessly, and then took out the Black Jade Severing Ointment, “You are eating up the fact that I can cure you, if I can’t do anything about it either, let’s see if you can still laugh.”

After saying that, Chen Ping handed the Black Jade Severing Ointment to his men at the side, “This is divided into two portions, one for internal use and one for application, once a day, don’t forget!”

“Got it Mr. Chen!” The henchman took the Black Jade Severing Ointment and said respectfully.

“Mr. Chen, what is that thing you are taking? It looks black, it’s not harmful to the skin, is it?”

Chifeng asked worriedly.

Chen Ping didn’t expect that Red Phoenix was still worried about her skin even though she was like this, so he couldn’t help but laugh, it was really hard to guess what was going on in this woman’s head.

“This is black jade breaking ointment, it is able to be bones to grow and heal again, and it is also beauty and skin care, making one’s skin like a new born baby.”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

As soon as Red Phoenix heard this, he became excited and said to the henchman, “Save me some more of that Black Jade Breaking Ointment, Lin Tianhu just let him take it internally, don’t apply it externally, his brown skin, it’s useless ………… ”

Lin Tianhu listened and rolled his eyes, the two men actually tussled.

Chen Ping looked at these two people, helpless smile, after staying for a moment, then left, with the black jade breaking cream, Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix only need a week’s time, can get off the ground to walk.