Phoenix Among Men Chapter 949


Pan Long Bay Villa!

After knowing that Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er had returned, both Su Wenzong and Gu Wentian all hurriedly arrived.

Su Wen Zong had not seen Su Yu Qi for a long time, and when he saw that Su Yu Qi had returned, Su Wen Zong burst into tears and hugged Su Yu Qi tightly.

Su Yuqi looked at her father who had aged a lot and inwardly blamed herself, she had been drifting away in order to follow Chen Ping and had neglected her father at home.

“Dad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for making you suffer alone ……”

Su Yuqi kept blaming herself.

“Silly girl, I know you’re following Chen Ping to do great things, you’ve come back this time, Dad can feel the changes in you!”

Su Wenzong was also happy for Su Yuqi, who wouldn’t want to see their son or daughter make a difference.

Gu Wentian was also holding onto Gu Ling’er’s hand at this moment, his most beloved granddaughter was also changing a lot at this moment, which made Gu Wentian very happy.

Chen Ping looked at the scene in front of him and was a little touched inside. He didn’t know if it was right or wrong to let Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er accompany him everywhere, away from his loved ones, and if he was a little too selfish.

But luckily they were all reunited now and had a rare cozy time together.

Chen Ping introduced Long Wu to Su Wen Zong and Gu Wen Tian as well. When the two knew that Long Wu had taken special care of Su Yu Qi and Gu Ling Er, they were also grateful to Long Wu.

In the evening, Su Wenzong specially prepared a banquet at the Regal Hotel and the gang sat down happily for a meal together.

Gu Ling’er and Su Yuqi both went back to their respective homes to rest, while Chen Ping took Long Wu, Xiao Lan and Wu Mei’er to stay at his Pan Long Bay villa.

Although Hongcheng is a small city, the environment here at Pan Long Bay is quite beautiful and suitable for retirement.

After settling everyone down, Chen Ping took out a beast elixir, which was the beast elixir of the Heaven Swallowing Beast. Now that Chen Ping had reached the peak realm of Grand Master, if he ate this beast elixir, he might be able to break through to Martial Sect, and Chen Ping’s body would be able to form a golden elixir.

After following Long Wu’s instructions, Chen Ping went back to his room and directly closed the door, preparing to close down for a period of time and break through to Martial Sect.

With Mr. Shi’s words, Chen Ping should be relatively safe for this period of time, but Chen Ping did not know how long this safety could last, so he had to seize all the time he could to cultivate.

Although Long Wu was now without his kung fu, but fortunately, with Snow Wolf around, plus Su Yuqi, Gu Ling’er and Xiao Lan, they could also protect Chen Ping if an enemy really came to his door, so Chen Ping had nothing to worry about.

Looking at the crystal clear beast pellet in his hand, Chen Ping swallowed it without hesitation.

Immediately afterwards, a surge of spiritual qi instantly exploded within Chen Ping’s dantian, while the dragon crystal within Chen Ping’s body also seemed to be impacted and began to glow with a faint golden light.

The spiritual qi within the beast dan plus the spiritual qi emitted from the dragon crystal had the chance to burst Chen Ping’s dantian, and that one spiritual qi kept weaving through Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping quickly ran his Heart Condensation Technique, constantly absorbing and refining the rampant spiritual qi. Cold sweat began to break out on Chen Ping’s forehead, and his entire body was like a leather ball, violently bulging and then violently shrinking back again.

The intense discomfort caused Chen Ping’s eyebrows to wrinkle together in death. Chen Ping knew that this kind of great realm advancement was a big test for both his spirit and his physical body, and if he couldn’t hold on, it was likely that he would be reversed and end up with no bones left.

Chen Ping’s body began to glow with a golden light, the Incorruptible Golden Body was brought to its fullest extent by Chen Ping.

Outside the room, Long Wu looked at the golden light that kept flashing inside the room, his face showing a few moments of relief …………