Phoenix Among Men Chapter 950

Three days later!

A powerful message was posted on the Martial Dao Alliance forum by Zhu Zhishan, the Martial Dao Alliance’s alliance leader.

“The emperor’s tomb was found outside of Kyoto, this time the emperor’s tomb found is the largest in scale, after a brief excavation, no signs of the emperor’s tomb being stolen were found, the Martial Dao Alliance has researched and decided that this time the Martial Dao trials will be held at this emperor’s tomb, invitations will then be sent out, the major clans and families who have received the invitations, actively make preparations, ten days later, the trials will begin on time ……”

The entire martial arts world exploded with the news that an emperor’s tomb had really been discovered in Kyoto, which was unthinkable, and it was also the largest emperor’s tomb that had ever been excavated, so the treasures inside could be imagined.

Almost all the clans and families began to be excited about this trial, making full preparations in the hope that they would receive an invitation.

At the same time, in the hall of the Long Family, Long Jingguo had called a meeting with all the senior members of the Long Family.

This time, the trial was extraordinary, and the Long Family had to pay attention to it.

“Long Xingxu, tell the news you have received to the elders and protectors ……”

Long Jingguo said to Long Xingxu.

“Yes!” Long Xingxu nodded and then spoke, “This time when I explored the tomb, I led people to the site as well, it was indeed an imperial tomb, the moment the sealing soil was dug up to reveal the door of the tomb, a gloomy wind blew up and a ringing could be faintly heard in the middle of the ancient tomb. No one knows what might be inside, but now where has been sent by the Martial Alliance to put a hand on it, and only during the trials can we approach in.”

“I sent something to the Zhu Alliance Master, and got an invitation list from the Zhu Alliance Master, the family head and the guardians, the elders take a look at ……”

Long Xingxu said, taking out a document and then placing a copy in front of each person.

In order to get the most out of this trial, of course, it was necessary to know oneself and one’s enemy.

Long Jingguo took the list and frowned slightly.

“Family head, is there something wrong?”

Long Xingxu’s heart tightened and he hurriedly asked.

It wasn’t easy for him to get this trial, and he must not make a mistake.

“This Chen Ping is actually among the trial list?” Long Jingguo asked.

“Yes, I’ve asked Lord Zhu, this is Mr. Shi’s intention, after all, this imperial tomb was discovered by Chen Ping and told to Mr. Shi.”

Long Xingxu nodded his head and said.

“This Chen Ping has made countless enemies, if he goes to the trial, with his little skills, it is definitely impossible for him to walk out alive.”

Long Jingguo had a gloomy face, he wanted Chen Ping alive because Chen Ping was still useful to him alive, but if he died in the tomb, a dead Chen Ping would not be of the slightest value to Long Jingguo.

“Family head, how about we step in to protect that Chen Ping during the trial?” Long Xingxu carefully solicited Long Jingguo’s opinion.

“No, this trial is not trivial, where can we spare the energy to protect that Chen Ping, an emperor’s tomb of such a large scale, the treasures and resources inside must be particularly abundant, we need to plunder the resources inside as soon as possible, so as not to be snatched up by other clans and families.”

Long Jingguo shook his head without hesitation.

“Then …… what do we do then?” Long Xingxu asked with difficulty.

Long Jingguo hesitated, then looked to an old man on his right and said, “Grand Protector, the five of you make a hard trip to Hongcheng to capture that Chen Ping, but do it in secret, it’s best not to reveal yourself, you can’t let this Chen Ping go to the trial.”

“As ordered ……” The Grand Protector rose, and then left with a few other Protectors.

These five guardians of the Long Family were all at the realm of Martial Sect, and each of them had exceeded the strength of a fifth grade Martial Sect. The strength of five of them was comparable to a clan family, so it could be seen how great the strength of this Long Family’s heritage was.