Phoenix Among Men Chapter 955

The Fifth Protector obediently released Ran, his eyes still looking straight at her.

“Do you like me?” Ran asked as she threw a wink towards Protector Five.

“Like …………,” Protector Five began, nodding woodenly.

“Since you like me, then you have to listen to me, now you kill that guy who is holding my sisters ……”

Ran said as she pointed at the fourth protector.

“Okay!” Still wearing a silly smile, the Fifth Protector turned around and walked towards the Fourth Protector.

“Old Five, Old Five …………”

The Fourth Protector looked at the Fifth Protector who was walking over and felt that something was wrong, so he shouted twice.

Only the Fifth Protector acted as if he hadn’t heard, still walking straight towards the Fourth Protector.

Hoo …………

The five guardians slammed their fists towards the fourth guardian with immense force and a terrifying wind that directly gave the air a sonic boom.

The Fourth Protector carried Gu Ling’er and fiercely dodged the Fifth Protector’s attack.

“Old Fifth, you’re f*cking crazy ……”

The Fourth Protector cursed loudly.

However, the Fifth Protector still did not stop, and kept attacking towards the Fourth Protector.

The Fourth Protector had no choice but to throw Gu Ling’er out while constantly resisting the Fifth Protector’s attacks.

“Ling’er, are you alright?”

Xiao Lan hurriedly went forward and helped Gu Ling’er up.

“I’m fine ……”

Gu Ling’er shook her head.

At this moment, the Second Protector, who was following Su Yuqi in the battle, saw that the Fourth Protector and the Fifth Protector had actually fought, and immediately said in a fit of anger, “Old Fourth, Old Fifth, you two are f*cking crazy, fighting over a woman ……”

The second protector thought that these two were fighting over a woman.

“Second Brother, Old Five is crazy, I don’t know why he attacked me ……”

The Fourth Protector said loudly as he woefully resisted the Fifth Protector’s attack.

The Second Protector’s face sank as he violently pushed with both hands, a surging surge of energy that went towards Su Yuqi like a mountain overturning the sea.

Su Yuqi’s face changed and her body hurriedly retreated, but the Second Protector did not take the opportunity to attack Su Yuqi, but directly dodged and clasped the wrists of the Fifth Protector, putting him under control.

The Fifth Protector’s eyes were mute, and although he was being controlled, he was still struggling continuously, as if he had gone mad and didn’t recognise anyone at all.

“Second Brother, see if Old Fifth is crazy?”

The Fourth Protector said with a face full of anger.

How could one not be angry when, for good reason, one was suddenly attacked by one of his own brothers.

The Second Protector frowned slightly, but he could not see what was wrong with this Fifth Protector.

“Big brother, come and see what’s wrong with Old Fifth?”

The Second Protector said towards the Great Protector.

At this moment, the two of them, the Great Protector and the Third Protector, were fighting against the snow wolf, which, with its nimble body, was constantly wandering and attacking, but in the face of the two Fifth Grade Martial Sects attacking, the snow wolf was also clearly no match.

Blood had already stained its snow-white fur red, except that the snow wolf was still struggling to hold on, it also knew that now, as long as it fell, Long Wu and the others were definitely no match for these few people.

When the Great Protector heard the Second Protector’s call, he slapped his palm at the Snow Wolf’s head, which dwarfed his body, followed by a sharp claw towards the Great Protector’s calf.

But this was the Great Protector’s trap, as he saw that his palm was just a false move, followed by a fierce kick.

The huge snow wolf was directly kicked out and hit the ground heavily.

“Little White ……”

Su Yuqi and the girls saw this and all ran over, looking at the snow wolf’s bruised body, several people’s eyes all moistened up.

And at this moment, that great protector did not pay attention to the snow wolf that was kicked away, and directly went to the side of the fifth protector.