Phoenix Among Men Chapter 956

Looking at the Fifth Protector’s mute eyes and his struggling body, the Great Protector put his fingers together and a little golden light flashed out from the tips of his fingers and fiercely nodded down at the Fifth Protector’s brow.

The golden light instantly entered the inside of the Fifth Protector’s head, and the Fifth Protector’s struggling body instantly quieted down, and his wooden, godless eyes began to take on colour.

“Big brother, you guys …… why are you looking at me like that?”

The fifth protector saw the other rush protectors all looking at themselves with strange eyes and asked in some panic.

“You’ve fallen under someone’s charm and you don’t even know it yourself, how many times have I f*cking told you guys to think less of women when you’re on a mission ……”

The Great Protector looked at the Fifth Protector with a serious face and yelled.

This sentence made the fifth protector as well as the fourth protector all lower their heads, out of the five, they were the two most lustful, and it was because of this that the fifth protector had just fallen for Xiao Lan’s charm technique.

“D*mn it, this b*tch shaded me, I’ll kill her ……”

The Fifth Protector was infuriated, he didn’t expect that he had been shaded by Xiaolan.

The Great Protector stopped the Fifth Protector as soon as he could, and then looked at Long Wu and his few men.

At this moment, Long Wu was leading Su Yuqi and the girls, hurriedly bandaging the snow wolf, whose body was now very weak.

“Xiao Bai, you hold on, hold on …………”

Su Yuqi’s face was full of tears as a soft red glow began to appear in her palm, a glow that wrapped the snow wolf tightly.

Gu Ling’er, Wu Mei’er, Xiao Lan several people looking at the snow wolf that look, also can’t stop the tears flowing down.

Even Long Wu’s eyes turned red, they had all developed a strong bond with the snow wolf over this period of time.

“Long Wu, if you hand over Chen Ping now, I can still give you a chance to live ……”

The Grand Protector looked at Long Wu and said in an icy voice.

With red eyes and gritted teeth, Long Wu said viciously, “Don’t dream, unless we are all dead, you will not set foot in this villa ……”

Although Long Wu had lost all his power, the aura that was on him at the moment contained a monstrous killing intent.

“Since you are persistent, don’t blame me for that ……”

The Great Protector’s eyes faintly stared.

As soon as the words left his mouth, that Fifth Protector leapt up impatiently and attacked towards Little Orchid, he had just been shaded by Little Orchid, which made him too humiliated.

The Second Protector, the Third Protector and the Fourth Protector also attacked together, the four people’s terrifying strong qi completely surrounded Long Wu and the others, there was no way to retreat.

“Sister, if I die, you must not be caught by these people, or you will be worse off than dead ……”

Xiao Lan handed a dagger into Wu Mei’er’s hand.

Wu Mei’er took the dagger and nodded vigorously, her eyes full of determination, she would never let these people capture her alive.

After giving Wu Mei’er another look, Xiaolan drew her own sword and turned towards the Five Guardians.

She was not afraid of death, she only hoped that she could use her life to give Chen Ping some time to delay.

But before Xiaolan’s body could even reach the Five Guardians, she was knocked out by a terrifyingly strong palm and fell directly in front of Wu Mei’er.

“Sister …………”

Wu Mei’er squatted down and not only wiped the blood from the corner of Xiaolan’s mouth.

Gu Ling’er took a look at Xiao Lan who was spitting blood, anger erupted from her eyes, and after a furious shout, she directly attacked towards the several guardians.

Boom …………

With the same result, Gu Ling’er’s body was directly knocked back by the terrifyingly strong qi before it could reach the several guardians.

A mouthful of blood spurted out, and Gu Ling’er’s body hit the ground heavily, directly smashing the ground into a deep crater.

“Ling’er …………”

Long Wu stepped forward and checked on Gu Ling’er’s injuries.