Phoenix Among Men Chapter 960

Chen Ping knew that it was the beast elixir of the snow wolf, and just after the snow wolf spat out the beast elixir, it slowly closed its eyes and never breathed again.

Chen Ping’s eyes were scarlet as he slowly picked up the warm beast pellet, his eyes blazing as he looked towards the Great Protector and the others.

“Mr. Chen, our people …… our people …………”

Lin Tianhu walked to Chen Ping’s side, his voice choked, and he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing out.

The corpses all over the ground, many of them were brothers who had been with Lin Tianhu for many years, which made Lin Tianhu, a hanyou, couldn’t help but shed tears.

Chen Ping patted Lin Tianhu’s shoulder, “I will use the blood of these five beasts to sacrifice my brothers’ …………”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he stepped towards the five guardians, the terrifying killing intent on his body instantly locked the five guardians in place.

The few guardians felt the terrifying killing intent on Chen Ping’s body and all had a glint of gloom on their faces.

“Who did you send?”

Chen Ping asked in an icy voice as he walked up to the five Guardians.

“Chen Ping, they are from the Dragon Family!” Long Wu said loudly, from behind.

Hearing the words Dragon Family, the corners of Chen Ping’s eyes twitched violently a few times, and he gritted his teeth, “The Dragon Family and I will eventually have a battle, so I will take the five of you first today ……”

“Chen Ping, we didn’t intend to hurt anyone, we just want to bring you to the Dragon Family, if you follow us obediently now, we will never strike at you ……”

The Grand Protector stared at Chen Ping with a deadly stare.

“Go?” A golden light appeared on Chen Ping’s body, and a terrifying aura began to rampantly erupt, “None of you can leave today, I want your lives ……”

Looking at Chen Ping’s murderous intent, the Grand Protector said with a grave expression, “We will do it together later, if we cannot capture him alive, then we will kill him, this son must not be left behind ……”

Several other protectors nodded and simultaneously exploded their auras.

At the same time, the five guardians shouted angrily at the same time, followed by five powerful qi striking out from their hands, the five powerful qi crisscrossed, surprisingly transforming into a colorful divine dragon, after a dragon roar that resounded through the sky, they attacked towards Chen Ping.

But just as the five men were attacking towards Chen Ping at the same time, they suddenly found that Chen Ping’s figure had disappeared, and the five men froze for a moment.

In the next second, Chen Ping’s figure appeared in front of the Great Protector and swung a fist towards him.

“Today, I will make your lives worse than death …………”

The fist, which was incomparably rigid, smashed out fiercely, and when the Grand Protector saw this, he met it with a panicked fist.


As the two fists collided, the Grand Protector’s arm instantly became twisted, and the bones of his entire arm were actually all shattered.

The Grand Protector’s heart was shocked and his body hurriedly retreated backwards, for he felt that the power of Chen Ping’s punch was enough to shatter the bones of his entire body, and if he had retreated one step later, he might have become a pile of mud at this moment.

“Make a move …………”

Seeing this, the other hurried protectors struck out together towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping’s right hand reached out, and the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in Chen Ping’s hand, and at this moment, a golden liquid flowed above the body of the Dragon Cutting Sword.

This was Chen Ping’s blood, and Chen Ping’s blood had actually turned golden at this moment.

The moment the Zeng Long Sword appeared, a blinding golden light filled the entire sky.

“Nine Shadows Sword Technique, Sword Qi Like a Rainbow …………”

Chen Ping took the Dragon Chopping Sword and surprisingly began to execute the Nine Shadows Sword Technique that he had received from Watanabe Ichiro.

At the same time, Chen Ping’s figure began to split into two, two into four, and finally four phantom split bodies and Chen Ping’s main body, five identical Chen Ping’s facing the five guardians.

The five figures simultaneously raised the Dragon Cutting Sword in their hands, a terrifying aura emanating from the sword.

Helplessly, the four guardians, one against the other, headed towards Chen Ping’s four phantom doppelgangers, while Chen Ping’s main body faced the Great Guardian.