Phoenix Among Men Chapter 961

The sword cut down fiercely, and the terrifying aura enveloped the Grand Protector, who was already injured at the moment, how could he still withstand this terrifying strike from Chen Ping.

Swish …………

A golden light flashed and the Grand Protector only felt his body lighten as he turned his head to look at his arms and found that both of his arms had been chopped off in unison.

A moment later, blood only continued to gush out from the severed arms, and intense pain followed.

“Ahh …………”

The Grand Protector screamed out miserably.

The Grand Protector’s miserable scream instantly caused the hearts of several other Protectors to flinch.

Seeing that their elder brother was injured, several of the other Guardians instantly became furious and all ruthlessly smashed at Chen Ping whom they were facing.

Although these were all Chen Ping’s illusionary doppelgangers, unlike Watanabe Ichiro, who was only used to confuse his opponents, Chen Ping’s shadow doppelgangers, too, had the same uncommon strength, although not as good as the main body, they could still catch up to the level of a Grand Patriarch.

The sword chopped out by the shadow doppelganger was dodged by several other guardians, and then a fierce fist smashed on top of the doppelganger.

The four doppelgangers were instantly smashed and disappeared into the air, while Chen Ping stood unharmed in front of the Grand Protector, looking grimly at the screaming Grand Protector.

“Big Brother …………”

The other four guardians rushed over and helped the Grand Protector to stop the bleeding.

“You guys retreat, this kid is far more powerful than we thought, we have to report this to the family head ……”

The Grand Protector told the others to retreat, he was planning to stall Chen Ping to his death.

“Big brother, let’s leave together ……”

Several other protectors set up the Grand Protector and their bodies instantly took to the air.

They did not intend to follow Chen Ping in his fight.

“I said that you all have to die here ……”

Chen Ping raised the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, “Nine Shadows Sword Technique, Draw the Sword and Break the Water …………”

The terrifying sword qi instantly enveloped several guardians, and immediately afterwards, a golden light was seen flashing as the five guardians were directly struck by a sword.

The terrifying sword qi tore the five guardians apart directly, the entire body was cut in half from the middle, blood mixed with the internal organs, scattered from mid-air.

“Old Fifth …………,” shouted several guardians in grief and anger.

“You guys take big brother and go, I’ll stop him ……”

Seeing this, the second protector turned around and smashed his fist towards Chen Ping.

Looking at the Second Protector who came with a blow, Chen Ping did not dodge or dodged, the golden light on his body flashed, and surprisingly, a piece of scales that shone with light began to appear, these scales were just like the ones that grew out of Chen Ping’s skin when he was just in seclusion.

Soon, Chen Ping’s entire body was wrapped in these scales, as if he had pa*sed on a layer of armor.

Boom …………

The Second Protector’s fist smashed into Chen Ping’s body with an overwhelming recoil, causing the Second Protector’s body to fly straight backwards, while Chen Ping did not move at all.

“Don’t measure yourself ……”

Chen Ping snorted coldly, his body jumped up high, and then stepped on the Second Protector’s chest with one foot, directly stepping on it.

The Second Protector’s body hit the ground heavily, followed by a sound of cracking bones as fresh blood spurted out of the Second Protector’s mouth, laced with many broken internal organs.

The Second Protector stared at Chen Ping as if he had something to say, but not a single word came out, and his head simply lolled and he was silent.

“Second Brother …………”

Seeing this, the Third Protector, after roaring out, actually folded back and took advantage of Chen Ping’s foot on the Second Protector to viciously smash into Chen Ping’s back!

Boom …………

A dull sound, the third protector fiercely smashed his fist on Chen Ping’s body, but Chen Ping did not move at all, on the contrary, the third protector’s body was directly jolted backwards one after another.

Chen Ping slowly turned around and looked at the Three Guardians with a biting gaze, and his biting gaze actually scared the Three Guardians into retreating.

Chen Ping’s imperishable golden body, along with the elevation of his realm, his fleshly body had also been strengthened a lot, now it was not an easy thing to break Chen Ping’s fleshly body.