Phoenix Among Men Chapter 964

“D*mn, these loser things, to catch a Chen Ping, do they need so much time? They must have been out drinking and picking up girls and missed their work, when they come back, I’ll give them a good beating!”

Long Jingguo frowned and cursed viciously.

He didn’t even have a trace of doubt, five Martial Sect realm protectors went to catch Chen Ping, it should be handy, in order to be safe, Long Jingguo had already considered killing the chicken with a bull’s-eye.


Kyoto Protector’s Pavilion.

Chen Ping followed Zhao Wuji and sat in the courtyard of the Protector’s Pavilion.

“Mr. Chen, could it be that you have raised your strength again?”

Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping with some confusion.

“What? You can sense it? I’m already hiding my breath.”

Chen Ping said with some surprise.

Chen Ping was already hiding his aura, if even Zhao Wuji could tell, then this hiding technique of his own was too poor.

“That’s not true, I didn’t feel Mr. Chen’s aura at all, I just felt it from Mr. Chen’s aura, without feeling your aura, from the aura that naturally flows from your body, it feels different from a while ago.”

Zhao Wuji explained.

When Chen Ping heard this, he felt helpless, there was nothing he could do about this kind of aura, as his realm was rising, his physical body was also getting stronger and stronger along with it, and there was no way to hide the aura emitted from this kind of physical strength increase.

“I just broke through two days ago!” Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“Then, I really congratulate Mr. Chen, now that you have broken through to the Martial Sect realm, with this strong strength of yours, even if you encounter a fifth grade Martial Sect, there is nothing to fear!”

Zhao Wuji was genuinely happy for Chen Ping when he saw his breakthrough.

Only what he did not know was that Chen Ping’s strength had all increased geometrically.

Although Chen Ping had only broken through to Martial Zong, his strength was able to kill a fifth grade Martial Zong in a single move when he faced one, if it was a seventh grade Martial Zong, Chen Ping would also be able to win, if it was a peak Martial Zong, Chen Ping would not have much control over it, after all, with the rise of the realm, even a small realm increase, the strength would be very different.

“In the land of Kyoto, there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, this point of my strength is still far from ……”

Chen Ping said helplessly.

After all, Chen Ping had started too late, and in just a few years, to reach this realm was considered a genius, but it was also thanks to his Heart Condensation Skill, which was really too perverse.

When he thought of the Heart Condensation Skill, a man’s figure suddenly appeared in Chen Ping’s mind. Although he could not see the man’s face, this figure always appeared in his mind out of nowhere.

And this figure, Chen Ping knew was his father whom he had never met, and he was eager to know what his father’s identity really was.

What kind of strength did someone who could possess such a perverted technique as the Heart Condensation Skill, and who could create such a power as the Heavenly Dragon Hall, possess?

“Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen …………”

Seeing Chen Ping suddenly freeze, Zhao Wuji felt like shouting twice.

Chen Ping’s body shook as he hurriedly came to his senses and said, “Pavilion Master Zhao, what’s wrong?”

Seeing that Chen Ping was fine, Zhao Wuji said, “Mr. Chen, two days ago, Mr. Shi sent word that the Watanabe family from the island country had sent experts to prepare to infiltrate our country to a*sa*sinate Mr. Chen, but Mr. Shi said that you should not worry too much, if those people dare to come in, someone will naturally make them disappear.”

“Mm, I understand!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

He did not doubt that Mr. Shi’s words in the slightest, because he had seen the strength of that organization, the strength that that Captain Xing had shown back then was no worse than Chen Ping’s now, and to know that Captain Xing was still just a follower, it could be seen how terrifying the strength of this Mr. Shi or the top bra*s of this organization should be.

“But Mr. Shi also instructed that Mr. Chen should not leave the country for a period of time recently, or else there would be no way to guarantee your personal safety.”

Zhao Wuji said again.

Chen Ping nodded, his time was precious now and he hated to spend every moment on cultivation, where would he have time to go abroad.