Phoenix Among Men Chapter 965


The Martial Arts Union!

Zhu Zhishan, Guo Wei and other senior members of the Martial Dao Alliance all gathered together, tomorrow was the official start of the trials, as the organizer of the Martial Dao a*sociation, they had to give thoughtful consideration to everything, if something went terribly wrong, they would not be able to account for it.

“Master Zhu, this time, the trial is an emperor’s tomb that has been buried underground for thousands of years, there is no telling how many treasures are inside, should we send a few people secretly to get some treasures out of it?”

Guo Wei cautiously asked to Zhu Zhishan.

Zhu Zhishan shook his head, “This time, Mr. Shi personally overlooked it, if we secretly send someone there, it’s likely to be discovered.”

“Then we’ll just watch as those treasures inside the Emperor’s Tomb are taken away by other sects and families?”

Guo Wei was resigned.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already talked to Long Jingguo, you will lead this trial, but you have to take some care of the Long Family, when the time comes, the treasures and resources obtained by the Long Family will be shared equally with us.”

Zhu Zhishan had a plan long ago.

“I understand ……,” Guo Wei nodded his head.


The next day, the trial officially began!

Chen Ping followed Zhao Wuji and rushed to the trial location. When Chen Ping arrived, he realized that the place had long been crowded, with many people from clans and families arriving.

The small hill he had found had long since been moved and leveled at the moment, and was surrounded by a high fence, leaving only an entrance and exit, where two people of seventh grade Martial Sect strength were guarding the entrance and exit to prevent anyone from barging in privately.

“Please show your invitations, those without invitations cannot enter ……”

After Chen Ping and Zhao Wuji walked to the entrance, they were stopped by two guards.

Chen Ping flashed his invitation card and followed Zhao Wuji inside.

As soon as he walked in, Chen Ping found a very deep pit inside, and within the pit a large stone door was exposed to the outside; if he pushed the stone door open, he could enter inside the Emperor’s Tomb.

Looking at the scale of this emperor’s tomb, there would definitely be quite a few treasures inside and there would also be hidden weapons of organs.

“Big Brother Chen …………”

Just as Chen Ping was observing the Emperor’s Tomb, a person suddenly called out to him.

Chen Ping turned his head to look and found that it was surprisingly Zhao Barging, followed by two other people behind Zhao Barging, all of them were experts of Martial Sect strength.

“Zhao Barging, what are you doing here?”

Chen Ping asked in confusion.

After all, if Zhao Baptist came to participate in the trial, he would only become the laughing stock of the crowd.

“I’ve come to participate in the trials!” Zhao Baptist said excitedly.

Chen Ping was speechless, he did not expect that this Zhao Barging had really come to participate in the trial.

“With your strength, aren’t you looking for death to participate in the trials? Do you know how many dangers there will be inside this dusty emperor’s tomb that has been sealed for a thousand years?”

Chen Ping didn’t understand how Zhao Liguo had allowed Zhao Beng to come to the trial.

“I’m not afraid, my dad said that big brother Chen is also coming to participate in the trials, so if I’m allowed to follow you it will definitely be fine, besides, I’ve brought two experts with me ……”

Zhao Barging pointed to the two people behind him and said.

“Mr. Chen ……”

The two men stepped forward and respectfully shouted at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded slightly, the two people were third grade Martial Sects, although their strength was not low, this kind of strength would be nothing among the major sects and families in this trial.

“You follow me, remember not to run around, there are many unknown dangers inside this emperor’s tomb, even I myself don’t know if I can handle it ……”

Chen Ping barked at Zhao Beng.

“Brother Chen don’t worry, I will listen to Brother Chen’s instructions, my father explained long ago when he came, if Brother Chen is in danger, let us fight for our lives to protect you!”

Zhao Barging said with a faint smile on his face.

Chen Ping patted Zhao Barging’s shoulder, “Be careful, there shouldn’t be any major problems.”