Phoenix Among Men Chapter 971

Guo Wei admonished the various precautions, but it wasn’t the first time that everyone was trying out, so no one listened carefully, each one of them had long been eager to enter the ancient tomb.

After the instructions were finished, Guo Wei looked in the direction of the Hu family and said to Hu Baqi, “Hu Baqi, the time has come, go and open the tomb door.”

“As you command!”

Hu Baqi led the children of the hurried Hu family and leapt directly to the thick tomb door in one go.

This tomb door was all carved in Chinese white jade, more than a foot high and weighing tens of thousands of pounds, if it was an ordinary person, even if he saw the entrance to this tomb, he would not be able to open this stone door.

Hu Baqi took out a bowl of red beans and scattered them all in front of the tomb door, while several Hu family members stood on either side, each holding a white candle, which was lit and pulsating with flame.

The red beans on the ground went one by one into the soil and soon took root.

Everyone was watching Hu Baqi closely, not wanting to miss a single detail.

Soon, a patch of red bean sprouts grew on the ground in front of the tomb door, and with a wave of his hand, Hu Baqi grabbed all those red bean sprouts into his hands and fiercely shoved them into his mouth and chewed them.

At the same time, Hu Baji’s hands began to glow, followed by a brighter and brighter light, and in the end it became like two car headlights.

“Open …………”

Hu Baqi doubled his fists for a moment, and a huge force struck on top of that tomb door.

The thick tomb door began to move slowly, opening a gap, and the gap grew larger and larger.

A stream of Yin Qi burrowed out from the gap at the tomb door, causing the temperature of the scene to plummet.

The candles in the hands of several Hu family sons, the flames began to pulsate violently, and along with the tomb door opening wider and wider, a black mist gushed out directly.

The fire on the candles instantly went out, and the crowd felt a piercing coldness coming over them.

Hu Baqi frowned and violently spat out the red bean sprouts he was chewing in his mouth, and the cloud of black mist was directly dispersed and drifted away into the distance.

By now the entire tomb door had opened, and looking inside the ancient tomb, nothing could be seen in the black hole.

“Director Guo, the tomb door has been opened.”

Hu Baqi reported to Guo Wei.

Guo Wei went up and looked at it and nodded in satisfaction, “Hu Baqi, this time your Hu family has contributed, the Martial Dao Alliance will not forget your Hu family.”

“It is an honour for our Hu family to work for the Martial Dao Alliance.”

Hu Baji hurriedly bent over and said in a humble manner.

“Everyone be careful to follow me in!” Guo Wei said, before turning to Hu Baqi and saying, “Hu Baqi, you follow me, if there is anything, say something in advance.”

Although Guo Wei was at the peak of the Martial Sect, he knew nothing about the concealed weapons in this tomb, but Hu Baqi was the one who was proficient in this area, that was why he let Hu Baqi follow him.

“Don’t worry, there are dozens of ancient tombs that have pa*sed through my hands, it will be fine!”

Hu Baqi was full of confidence, this time was his Hu family’s chance to show off.

The Hu family was only a third-rate family in the martial arts world according to its strength, but with its ability to find caves and explore tombs, the Hu family had a good reputation in the martial arts world of Kyoto.

As the crowd followed the instantaneous fish, Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping and said, “Mr. Chen, I can only send you here, after you enter the tomb, be careful yourself.”

Zhao Wuji wasn’t on the trial list, so he couldn’t enter the ancient tomb.

“Don’t worry, Pavilion Master Zhao, I will take care of myself!”

Chen Ping nodded, and then led Zhao Barging into the ancient tomb as well.

As soon as he walked into the ancient tomb, he felt a suffocating sensation around him, very depressing, and the long tomb pa*sage was deep.