Phoenix Among Men Chapter 972

Hu Baqi was in the front, ordering the Hu family’s children to take out the torches they had prepared and pull out their lighters to prepare to light them.

But just as Hu Baqi was about to light the torches, many candles suddenly burst into flame on both sides of the tomb.

The candles were as thick as a gla*s of water, and two rows of red candles suddenly appeared in the tomb, making it look extraordinarily weird.

This sudden lighting of the candles startled many people, but Hu Baqi followed Guo Wei and said: “Director Guo, there is no need to panic, this is because the tomb pa*sage has entered oxygen and the oxygen has met phosphorus, which has ignited the candles placed inside the tomb pa*sage in advance.

Guo Wei nodded, and then shouted loudly towards the back, “No need to panic, everyone, stay close, there are killing machines everywhere here, be careful with your own lives!”

After Guo Wei finished speaking, he followed Hu Baqi and continued to walk deeper into the tomb. With the light inside the tomb, the speed of walking was also significantly faster.

After walking for ten minutes, the entire tomb path seemed to have no end, and the crowd also became relaxed from the nervousness they felt at the beginning of the tomb, after all, they had not encountered any danger for such a long time, and many of them began to chat while walking.

Chen Ping led Zhao Chuang to the end of the group, but at this moment, Chen Ping’s face was very grave and not as relaxed as the others showed.

“Brother Chen, this tomb is really big, how far have we gone and we haven’t even reached the tomb yet!”

Zhao Beng said with some exclamation.

Chen Ping frowned slightly and pondered for a moment, “It’s possible that this isn’t an ancient tomb ……”

“Not an ancient tomb?” Hearing Chen Ping say that, Zhao Barging just froze, “Brother Chen, didn’t you say that this was the emperor’s tomb? If this is not an ancient tomb, what could it be?”

“I’m not sure now, but this place gives me a very dangerous feeling, so be careful yourself!”

Chen Ping didn’t know what was wrong, there was always a sense of crisis inside him.

The Heart Condensation Skill within his body actually unconsciously began to operate on its own, and a large amount of spiritual energy filled Chen Ping’s entire body.

It was as if Chen Ping’s body had entered into a state of critical battle on its own, which made Chen Ping feel very surprised.

Even in the greatest of dangers, Chen Ping’s body had never been in such a state, but for some reason, this time it was like this.

Chen Ping became very cautious.

After walking for a few more minutes, the tomb pa*sage opened up in front of them, and a hall of hundreds of square feet appeared. The crowd was overjoyed, thinking that they had reached the tomb chamber, as many treasures must have been put inside the chamber.

The people behind them began to rush towards the chamber, but it was empty, with nothing but stone benches and not even a coffin.

This time the crowd was dumbfounded, don’t mess up in the end, it’s an empty tomb, then won’t this trial be laughed at.

“Hu Baqi, take a look at what’s going on!”

Hu Baqi nodded and immediately led the Hu family’s children to start examining the tomb, while the others sat down on stone benches and started to rest.

Many clans and families, all gathered around Long Xiao, and these people hugged each other while Chen Ping followed Zhao Barging and two others from the Shadowless Villa and sat on the other side.

Ning Zhi and Dong Jiahao took their own people and sat elsewhere, not following these clan families within the Martial Alliance to mix together at all.

“Xing Xu, go over and teach that Chen Ping a lesson and scrap his legs ……”

Long Xiao remembered Long Jingguo’s explanation, so he said to Long Xingxu.

Upon hearing this, Long Xingxu hurriedly whispered, “Eldest Young Master, I …… am afraid that I am not a match for that Chen Ping!”

As soon as Long Xingxu saw Chen Ping appear before the trial began, he had long guessed in his mind that the five guardians sent by Long Jingguo were estimated to be in bad luck.