Phoenix Among Men Chapter 973

Although he did not know who was helping Chen Ping behind the scenes, but to be able to destroy the five guardians of the Long Family in one go was by no means a generalist.

“Your current strength of a third grade Martial Sect can’t beat that Chen Ping?” Long Xiao looked at Long Xingxu in surprise.

“Eldest Young Master, you don’t know, this Chen Ping has hidden his strength, his current strength, I’m afraid, is going to reach the realm of a fifth grade Martial Sect.”

Long Xingxu guessed.

“You’re such a waste, and you still call yourself the most talented in the Long Family all day long!” Long Xiao glanced at Long Xingxu, “It seems that only I will have to step in myself.”

Long Xingxu was humiliated by Long Xiao, but he did not dare to say anything, he could only endure it and suggested in Long Xiao’s ear, “Eldest Young Master, that Xuanyuan Kai and Cheng Kun are both at odds with that Chen Ping, why don’t we borrow the hands of these two fellows to deal with Chen Ping, and save us from having to do it ourselves.”

When Long Xiao heard that it was reasonable, he waved towards Xuan Yuan Kai and Cheng Kun.

“Long Gongzi …………”

Seeing Long Xiao waving, Xuanyuan Kai and Cheng Kun hurriedly ran over.

Both of them had to lower their heads when they saw Long Xingxu, let alone in front of Long Xiao.

“You two have a grudge following Chen Ping?” Long Xiao asked.

Xuanyuan Kai nodded, “Duke Long, this arm of mine was cut off by that Chen Ping.”

When Long Xiao heard this, he smiled and said, “Now is a good opportunity, you two go and waste Chen Ping, but you can’t get him killed, I can give you two some resources to share after this trial.”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Kai and Cheng Kun nodded their heads hastily and agreed to do so.

At this moment, Chen Ping was frowning slightly as he felt the aura in this ancient tomb, he couldn’t understand what it was that could make his Heart Condensation Skill work on its own.

At this moment, Xuanyuan Kai and Cheng Kun led the men towards Chen Ping, and everyone watched with a watching attitude, no one stepped in to stop them.

Guo Wei wanted to speak out, but was stopped by Long Xiao, and once he saw that it was Long Xiao’s idea, Guo Wei said nothing more.

“Chen Ping, you broke my arm, today this revenge I must take, although there is Mr. Shi covering you, but he only said he can’t kill you, but didn’t say he can’t invalidate you, I’m into to break your arm and leg, make you become invalid ……”

Xuan Yuan Kai’s body’s killing aura rose, Martial Sect’s cultivation level in this young generation, is also considered the best.

“Chen Ping, if you spit out the dragon crystal now, I won’t make things difficult for you, otherwise, I can only cut you open ……”

Cheng Kun said with a cold smile on his face.

“Xuanyuan Kai, Cheng Kun, if you dare to touch big brother Chen one bit, I will have your lives ……”

Zhao Barging blocked in front of Chen Ping, and the two Shadowless Villa’s Martial Sect experts both flashed their weapons as well.

“Zhao Beng, take a f*cking look at yourself, just this much ability of yours, you also want our lives, I’ll take your life now ……”

Cheng Kun had a disdainful face as he slammed his fist towards Zhao Barging.

Cheng Kun’s body erupted with the aura of the 8th realm of the Grand Master, and with this punch, Zhao Zhaogong was afraid that he would become mush.

Zhao Chuang was shocked, but he didn’t dodge, still blocking in front of Chen Ping, while those two Martial Sects from the Shadowless Villa, seeing Zhao Chuang in danger, immediately struck out together towards Cheng Kun!

Cheng Kun didn’t care at all, and at the same time as the two Shadowless Villa Martial Sects made their moves, the two Thunderbolt Sect Martial Sects behind Cheng Kun also made their moves.

Soon the Shadowless Villa and the Thunderbolt Sect’s men came to blows.

As he watched, Cheng Kun’s fist was about to hit Zhao Zhaogong, but he found that from behind Zhao Zhaogong, a fierce force of Qi came, followed by Chen Ping’s figure appearing in front of Cheng Kun.

Cheng Kun was startled, but before he could react, he saw Chen Ping slap Cheng Kun’s face!

Cheng Kun’s body spun rapidly in mid-air for a few turns before falling heavily to the ground, blood gushing from his mouth.