Phoenix Among Men Chapter 977

“This is rotting frog liquid, if you don’t cut off your palm, your whole body will soon be left as a pile of white bones.”

Hu Baqi said with a grave expression.

Although that Hu family scion had lost a palm, he also understood in his heart that if he didn’t cut off his palm, this little life would be lost.

“Thank you, Family Head!” That Hu Family’s son gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain and said.

“No one should touch anything here easily anymore, including that stone wall, I don’t know what other mechanisms there will be, so be careful!”

Hu Baqi frowned and cautiously warned.

“Did you all hear what Master Hu said?”

Guo Wei turned to the crowd . questioned loudly.

“Heard it!”

The crowd all nodded their heads.

Through this time, both in Guo Wei and in the crowd, all of them had changed their views on Hu Baqi in a significant way.

After all, they had all seen how powerful this ancient tomb was.

Although they didn’t know what that rotting frog liquid Hu Baqi had just said was, but looking at the appearance, it was terrifying.

“You all stand back, there should be stone doors here, it’s not the end.”

Hearing Hu Baqi say this, everyone hurriedly backed up, even Guo Wei took a few steps back.

Hu Baqi looked at the three green beads that were left in the eyes of the two sculptures and took a slight breath, then slowly stretched out his palms, a stream of energy emanated from his palms, and slowly adsorbed the three beads out of the sculptures.

The three beads slowly turned into liquid after they were removed from the head, and then dripped onto the ground, where the green stone was soon corroded beyond recognition.

Looking at the four already hollow eyes of the sculpture, Hu Baqi stretched out his hand and directly grabbed the four holes, then twisted them outwards so violently that both sculptures were actually twisted.

Creaking and cackling ………

A sound of stone walls rubbing together, the stone walls in front of them unexpectedly opened slowly, and soon, two canals appeared in front of the crowd.

“There really is a mechanism, the Hu family master is really something, worthy of being a family that seeks caves and explores tombs.”

“It’s going to be much easier for us this time with the Hu family master following us.”

“It seems that even if there are treasures here, they can’t be touched easily, there are organs everywhere.”

The crowd blew up at Hu Baqi, after all, they had to count on Hu Baqi in this ancient tomb.

“Master Hu, I want to give you credit for this trial!”

Guo Wei looked at Hu Baqi and even changed his title.

Hu Baqi couldn’t say how happy he was in his heart at this moment, after this trial, their Hu family’s status in the martial arts world of Kyoto was going to rise quite a bit again.

“Master Hu Clan, two tomb paths appear this time, which one shall we take?”

Long Xiao stepped forward and asked to Hu Baqi.

“Wait a moment, Lord Long, allow me to take a look ……”

Hu Baqi finished speaking and looked carefully at the two two tomb pa*sages that appeared.

While Chen Ping looked at the two tomb pa*sages, suddenly a stream of spiritual qi kept gushing outwards from the one on the left.

“How can there be spiritual qi in an ancient tomb?” Chen Ping was surprised, it was normal to have Yin Qi in here, how could Spiritual Qi exist?

“Brother Chen, what are you talking about?”

Zhao Beng asked.

“Oh, nothing!” Chen Ping shook his head.

But his whole body involuntarily walked towards the tomb pa*sage on the left, it was like something was attracting him inside.

“What are you doing?”

When Hu Baqi saw that Chen Ping was actually walking towards the inside of the tomb pa*sage, he sternly shouted to stop him.

He had long looked at Chen Ping unfavourably, if it wasn’t for Chen Ping, this ancient tomb would have been his Hu family’s private property by now, and just because of Chen Ping, the tomb was directly confiscated.

“Chen Ping, what are you trying to do? Didn’t you hear what I said?”

Seeing that Chen Ping was actually walking alone towards the inside of the tomb pa*sage, Guo Wei’s face turned cold and said.

“I feel that within this tomb pa*sage, there seems to be something…”

Chen Ping said.