Phoenix Among Men Chapter 980

“Family head, we can take off our tops and just burn our clothes won’t we ……”

A Hu family member said to Hu Baqi.

“That’s feasible, but it’s not enough for just a few of our clothes!”

Hu Baqi finished speaking and looked at Guo Wei.

Hu Baqi and the few of them definitely did not have enough clothes, if the others all took off their tops, then there would definitely be no problem.

However, these people were all some of the best people from the major clans and families, so if they were to take off their clothes, Hu Baqi did not have that ability, which was why he looked at Guo Wei.

Guo Wei looked at the endless poisonous wasps in the tomb pa*sage and had no choice, so he yelled towards the crowd, “Take off your tops, hurry up ……”

Guo Wei’s words made everyone stare, they didn’t understand, when they encountered the poisonous wasps, why should they let take their clothes off? Isn’t this so that the poisonous wasps can sting themselves better?

“Everyone, we are now going to use fire to eliminate these poisonous wasps as there are no combustible materials here, so we can only burn our clothes off ……”

Hu Baqi hurriedly explained.

Once the crowd heard this reason, they all ended up helplessly taking off their tops.

Soon, a pile of clothes was piled up at the entrance of the tomb, Hu Baji sprinkled fire powder, and with a boom the clothes burst into flames.

This time, those poisonous wasps could not fly out and kept trying to pa*s through the flames, but they were all burned to death by themselves.

Hu Baqi picked up a few more pieces of clothing, lit them on fire and threw them towards the tomb pa*sage, with the fire powder in his hand following suit.

The clothes that had burst into flames instantly burned even more fiercely with the force of this energy.

The poisonous bees dropped one after another and began to fly backwards, trying to avoid the burning of that flame.


Hu Baqi shouted, then rushed up fiercely.

Every time he charged a section of the way, he would light a few pieces of clothing on fire and throw them out, using the flames to kill the poisonous wasps inside the tomb pa*sage.

Soon, the interior of the tomb pa*sage was filled with the corpses of the poisonous wasps, and stepping on them was so soft that it was like a thick layer of snow had fallen.

By the time the clothes had been burnt, the wasps had all been destroyed.

The people from the major clans and families looked at each other in a sorry state and all felt somewhat helpless.

In this ancient tomb, even though they were strong, many times they could not fully exert themselves, so many Martial Sects, were made to look so wretched by a swarm of poisonous wasps.


On the other hand, Chen Ping and the others, did not know how far they had gone, Chen Ping felt that the aura was getting closer and closer.

But just as Chen Ping continued to walk forward, a huge killing aura suddenly came upon them.

Chen Ping didn’t even have time to react before his entire body was knocked out by itself.


Chen Ping’s body smashed heavily against the wall of the tomb pa*sage, and all the bones in his body seemed to be falling apart.

“What a strong killing aura!”

Chen Ping’s face was filled with shock, he did not understand how such a strong killing aura could suddenly appear here.

“Brother Chen, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhao Beng asked as he hurriedly helped Chen Ping.

“Chen Ping, what’s going on?”

Dong Jiahao also asked to Chen Ping.

And when Long Xiao, who was following Chen Ping and the others behind them, saw this, they hurriedly stopped in their tracks.

“A spell formation should have been cast in front of us, we can’t get through!”

Chen Ping said with a gloomy face.

Dong Jiahao looked towards the tomb pa*sage and did not find anything there, it was empty ……

“There’s nothing there!”

Dong Jiahao walked forward.

“Brother Dong, be careful ……”

Just as Chen Ping’s words fell, Dong Jiahao’s body was also itself knocked away by a huge force.

Chen Ping pulled on Dong Jiahao’s arm, which allowed Dong Jiahao to stabilize his body.

In looking at the corner of Dong Jiahao’s mouth, blood was already flowing out.