Phoenix Among Men Chapter 979

Chen Ping did not say anything, but continued to feel his way forward, everyone was very careful along the way, after all, if they messed up, a mechanism would be triggered.

Long Xiao, who was following behind, looked at Dong Jiahao and Chen Ping together, his face turned very grim, these people of theirs were more than enough to deal with Chen Ping, but if they added Dong Jiahao and the two seventh grade Martial Sects of the Dong family, they would have little chance of winning.

“D*mn, this grandson of Dong Jiahao, when the trial is over, I’ll definitely find a chance to teach him a lesson!”

Long Xiao gritted his teeth and said.

“Eldest Young Master, we can’t make a move on Chen Ping easily now, there is no one else here, if these guys get up to kill, I’m afraid that we, the people, won’t be able to deal with it well ……”

Long Xingxu warned at Long Xiao.

If Long Xiao insisted on dealing with Chen Ping and Chen Ping really moved to kill, in addition to Dong Jiahao’s words, I am afraid that all of them will die here, and there is no one from its clan and family around, when the trial goes out, it will be said that they triggered the mechanism and died, who can say it.

“Bullsh*t, need you to remind!”

Long Xiao glanced at Long Xingxu and said.

Long Xingxu lowered his head and did not speak anymore, but a cold aura flashed in his eyes.


On the other hand, Hu Baqi led Guo Wei and other people from other clans and families, and kept walking forward from the right side of the tomb path.

Suddenly Hu Baqi, who was walking ahead, stopped because he felt that there was a very evil aura inside this tomb pa*sage, and there was also a buzzing sound.

“Do you hear anything?”

Hu Baqi turned around and asked asked to a few of the Hu family’s children.

“It seems to be buzzing, the sound of bees flying around, right?”

A few of the Hu family’s sons said.

“Not good, retreat, exit!”

Hu Baqi’s face changed and he hastily roared, his whole body quickly retreating backwards.

Although Guo Wei and the others were surprised, they all quickly retreated backwards as well.

After all, no one knew what was happening, and Hu Baji must have discovered some kind of danger when he shouted in such anxiety.

The crowd quickly retreated backwards, Hu Baji was the last to exit and tried to seal the tomb pa*sage, but it was already too late, soon there were many bees flying out from inside the tomb pa*sage in black, the whole tomb pa*sage was full of them.

“Poisonous bees, everyone be careful!”

Hu Baqi warned loudly to the crowd.

As soon as they heard that it was poisonous bees, the crowd was all filled with tension, looking at the black press of poisonous bees in front of them, they were all stunned.

Now they had retreated back into this chamber, if they retreated any further they would have to exit the ancient tomb.

“D*mn, an ancient tomb has so many mechanisms!”

Someone shouted a curse in anger.

Immediately afterwards, someone kept slapping out a stream of powerful qi towards the swarm, blocking the tomb pa*sage and preventing the swarm from flying out.

The huge powerful qi kept sweeping away, and quite a few poisonous bees were shaken to death by the powerful qi, but more bees were flying out behind them.

Looking at this situation, I was afraid that before all the bees were destroyed, all of them would die of exhaustion due to the depletion of their powerful qi.

“Master Hu, what should we do?”

Guo Wei burst out his breath, wrapping his entire body, before asking Hu Baqi.

“Use fire, these poisonous bees are afraid of fire, other methods won’t work at all!”

Hu Baqi said to Guo Wei.

“Then use fire to attack, hurry up and light the fire ah ……”

Guo Wei urged at Hu Baqi.

Hu Baqi was in a difficult position, “Director Guo, although I have fire powder, I don’t have anything to burn, this chamber is nothing but stones, there is no way to burn!”

When Guo Wei heard this, he looked around and saw that there was indeed nothing to burn, except for the two small torches in the hands of Hu’s children.