Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3

“Mom, are you okay? Those people have all gone!”

After the bald head left, Chen Ping asked Tang Hongying with concern.

“Hey! You say you, you just came out, what’s the point of provoking him!”

Tang Hongying grumbled at Chen Ping, “Quickly pick up the money on the ground, it’s all we’ve saved up penny by penny.”

Chen Ping squatted down and put all those scattered banknotes back on the ground.

“Mom, I’ll earn the money from now on, you and dad should rest well, and I’ll find a way to take care of your eyes.”

Chen Ping put the money away and then handed the cloth bag to Tang Hongying.

“You just have this heart!” Tang Hongying said and actually cried, “Now that you’re back, mum is relieved, if it weren’t for worrying about you these past few years, mum would have died long ago …………”

Looking at his mother’s appearance, Chen Ping’s eyes all started to turn scarlet!

Boom ……

Chen Ping could no longer hold back and smashed his fist on the only table left!

With a crash ………

The table was instantly smashed to pieces!

Xiao Family ……

Geng Family ……

I will make you pay for this, definitely ………

The anger on Chen Ping’s body blazed up!

Seeming to sense the anger in Chen Ping’s body, Tang Hongying hurriedly said, “Chen Ping, you must not cause any more trouble, now that you’re out, find a job properly and everything will be fine.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I know what to do, I’m going out!”

Chen Ping rea*sured his mother and then walked out of the house, he was going to find Geng Shanshan to ask what was going on!

After walking out of the house, Chen Ping’s body still carried an endless amount of anger!

But just as Chen Ping was crossing the road, suddenly a red Porsche came barreling down the road, so fast that it directly knocked Chen Ping off his feet!

Boom ……

Chen Ping’s body fell heavily to the ground, and if he hadn’t practiced with Old Leader, this would have killed him!

“Who is driving without eyesight?”

Chen Ping was already angry in his heart, but when he was knocked off the road, he was even angrier!

“How the hell do you walk, don’t you see?”

Just as Chen Ping was about to stand up, a shout came out of nowhere.

The girl was dressed in a white dress, with a pair of high heels, she was very pretty, but she was looking at Chen Ping with anger.

Chen Ping frowned and his body, which had wanted to stand up, lay back down again.

“Which one of us has no eyes? You’re the one who hit me, you look like a pretty girl, why do you smell like sh*t when you speak?”

Chen Ping said to the girl without showing any weakness.

“You dare to scold me?”

The girl looked at Chen Ping angrily and suddenly raised her foot and kicked Chen Ping noisily.

The girl was wearing high heels, the heel of which was like a sharp knife, if this kicked her body, a bloody hole would surely be made!

“Yu Qi, stop ……”

Seeing that the girl was about to kick at Chen Ping’s body, a middle-aged man opened the car door and got down from the back seat.

The middle-aged man carried an aura of non-anger, and at a glance, he was someone who had been in a high position for a long time!

Only, at this moment, the middle-aged man’s face was somewhat pale and his breathing was rapid, and after shouting these words, he held onto the car door and kept gasping for breath!

“Dad, why did you come down!”

After seeing the middle-aged man, the girl ran over in a panic, holding the middle-aged man and asking.

“Let’s go to the hospital quickly, don’t delay any longer ……”

The middle-aged man said to the girl.

The girl nodded, reappeared in front of Chen Ping, took out a pile of money directly from her bag and threw it at Chen Ping: “Here is 10,000 yuan, hurry up and take the money and leave, we still have urgent business!”

Chen Ping did not go to take the money, but stood up and looked at the middle-aged man not far away and said, “There is no need to go to the hospital, it is already too late.”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he turned around and was about to leave, he could tell that the middle-aged man was in critical condition and would not last long enough to get to the hospital!

“Stop!” The girl stopped directly in front of Chen Ping and glared angrily, “What do you mean, tell me clearly, or else don’t try to leave!”

At this moment, the middle-aged man also frowned and took a few steps towards Chen Ping!

“Your father is suffering from a hidden disease, the injury is in his left lung, in less than five minutes, he will have difficulty breathing and die of suffocation, can you get to the hospital in five minutes?”

Chen Ping calmly followed the girl and asked.

“You are nonsense, my father is only injured …………”

“Yu Qi ……” The middle-aged man called out to the girl before taking two steps towards Chen Ping again, his eyes full of shock, “Little brother, how did you tell that my left lung had been injured?”

“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand, I still have urgent business now, I don’t have time to waste time with you ……”

Chen Ping said, about to turn around and leave!

“Little brother …… cough cough cough ……” the middle-aged man called out to Chen Ping, then coughed violently, and when it calmed down a bit, he immediately went forward and took Chen Ping’s arm:. “Little brother, since you can see my illness, then you must be able to cure it, I hope you can save my life, I am willing to pay whatever price, here is my business card!”

The middle-aged man took out a business card and handed it to Chen Ping.

Originally, Chen Ping did not want to take it, nor did he want to care, but after he saw the name on the card, he immediately took it into his hand, “Are you Su Wen Zong, the president of the Su Group?”

“Precisely!” Su Wenzong nodded his head.

Suddenly, Chen Ping struck out towards Su Wenzong, double pointing his fingers at several major acupuncture points on Su Wenzong’s Tian Tu, Ren Hai and Gui Zhong.

Chen Ping’s speed was so fast that neither Su Wenzong nor that Su Yuqi reacted.