Phoenix Among Men Chapter 392

“How can this Jiang family have so many hundred year old spiritual medicines? I’m afraid there are more of these medicinal herbs than even Cloud City!”

Chen Ping voiced out his doubts!

“Mr. Chen doesn’t know, these medicinal herbs, are all purchased by the Jiang family from the Pill King’s Mansion, I checked the contract between the Jiang family and the Pill King’s Mansion, they are not purchased from Cloud City, besides, the hundred year old medicinal herbs that enter into Cloud City, usually have to pa*s through the hands of the Pill King’s Mansion, so the ones with good quality are left behind by the Pill King’s Mansion!”

Red Phoenix followed Chen Ping and explained.

“The Pill King’s Mansion?” Chen Ping was stunned, he really hadn’t heard of it, after all, it had only been just two months since Chen Ping had stepped into this level, he was just an ordinary person before, so a lot of things were out of his reach!

“This Pill King’s House is located in Tianfeng Town under the jurisdiction of the provincial city, it is known as the small medicine capital, the Pill King’s House mainly focuses on alchemy, many people from the martial arts world in the provincial city have almost all bought their pills, only that purchasing herbs from the Pill King’s House is the first time I have heard of it, after all, these herbs are all carefully selected by the Pill King’s House itself to be used, they will not be offered easily! ”

He didn’t expect there to be such a place in Jiangbei, no wonder these hundred year old medicinal herbs were of the highest quality, so they had been selected long ago!

“Above the ring, that green elixir that Jiang Zhengzhong ate, was it purchased from this Medicine King’s residence?”

At this moment, Chen Ping recalled the Bursting Pill that Jiang Zhengzhong had taken.

Chifeng shook his head, “The Pill King Mansion has very strict rules, they do not refine and sell such pills, they only sell ordinary marrow cleansing pills, bone strengthening pills, and pills to strengthen the body, if the Pill King Mansion randomly sold such short time strength boosting pills, I am afraid that the entire martial world would be in chaos!”

Chen Ping nodded and also instantly understood, it seemed that this Pill King Mansion not only knew how to refine pills, but was also profoundly knowledgeable about doing business, if they sold all kinds of pills at will, making the entire Martial Dao world in chaos, it would be more harmful than beneficial for the Pill King Valley.

It was because of the rules of the Pill King’s Mansion that Jiang Zhengzhong had spared no expense in refining the Life Renewing Pill from Master Bu Dou, who had been hired from the Xuan Yue Valley in the southwest, or else why would he have had to go near and far.

“It seems that when I have the chance, I will have to go for a walk around this Pill King’s Mansion!”

Chen Ping’s eyes were flashing with excitement, if he could take the Pill King’s Mansion for himself, wouldn’t he be able to get a lot of resources instantly!

He could follow the Pill King’s Mansion to talk and spend money on their medicinal materials, and since the Jiang Family could buy them, then he could definitely do the same!

“Mr. Chen, this Pill King Mansion’s master is very eccentric, he won’t meet strangers easily, moreover, this Pill King Mansion has a certain big family in Kyoto behind it, medicinal herbs from all over the country will be screened by the Pill King Valley before being sent elsewhere, otherwise it would be impossible for one Pill King Mansion alone to collect so many precious medicinal herbs!”

“However, the Jiang family and the Pill King Mansion signed a ten billion dollar bill, the medicinal herbs here are only part of it, if Mr. Chen needs medicinal herbs, we can continue to follow the Pill King Mansion in the name of the Jiang family, but …… however this follow-up funding… ………”

Red Phoenix said with some difficulty.

Ten billion capital, for the Red Phoenix Hall is really astronomical, Red Phoenix simply can’t shell out so much money!

“You send someone to follow the Pill King’s House to continue the negotiations in the name of the Jiang family, you don’t have to worry about the funding, I’ll figure it out ……”

Chen Ping wouldn’t give up so many precious medicinal herbs because of money, these were his precious cultivation resources!

There was a scarcity of spiritual energy in nature now, and as Chen Ping became stronger and stronger, this thin spiritual energy could no longer support Chen Ping’s cultivation, which was why Chen Ping had to find another way!