Phoenix Among Men Chapter 967

“Xuan Yuan Kai, Cheng Kun, you f*cking wait for me, your two families took advantage of the danger of others, injured my father and killed so many people in our Shadowless Villa, I remember this revenge ……” Zhao Chuang.

Zhao Barging viciously glared at Xuan Yuan Kai and Cheng Kun and said.

“Hahahaha, Zhao Baptist, you are also worthy of talking big? With this kind of virtue, you won’t be able to take revenge even after a lifetime of cultivation.”

Cheng Kun had a disdainful look on his face, “Your father was lucky that he didn’t die, but even if your father didn’t die, your Shadowless Villa’s current strength would not be able to compete with our two families.”

The disdain on Cheng Kun’s face made Zhao Bargan even more furious, gritting his teeth fiercely, while the two Martial Sect experts behind Zhao Bargan had their breath leaking out and their fists clenched up.


But who knew, just then, Cheng Kun suddenly had a blur before his eyes, followed by a slap, half of his face instantly red and swollen.

“Who, who the hell hit me?”

Cheng Kun took two steps back, covering his face and roaring out loud.

“I will avenge the revenge of the Shadowless Villa, I will take revenge for them, if you dare to say two more words, I will take your life now ……”

Chen Ping’s face was grim and cold, his eyes were slightly frozen as he looked at Cheng Kun, his tone carried a cold killing intent.

At any rate, the Shadowless Villa was also a hall under his own Heavenly Dragon Hall, and now that the Shadowless Villa was under attack, Chen Ping could not possibly ignore it.

“Chen Ping, you f*cking dare to hit me, don’t think that just because you have a backer, you can do whatever you want, I will kill you first today ……”

Cheng Kun’s violent temper was instantly enraged, while the two Martial Sects behind him also directly stepped forward, their auras enveloping Chen Ping.

“Cheng Kun, how dare you, how can you say that Mr. Chen is also a member of my Dharma Protecting Pavilion, you are too disrespectful to my Dharma Protecting Pavilion.”

Zhao Wuji saw that this Cheng Kun did not put himself in his eyes in the slightest, and immediately shouted angrily.

“Zhao Wuji, your Dharma Guardian Pavilion maintains law and order in Kyoto, so it’s fine to catch thieves who steal chickens and dogs, why are you acting like a big tail?

Cheng Kun didn’t look at Zhao Wuji at all, a big clan family like them, a small Dharma Protection Pavilion, nothing to be afraid of.

“You …………”

Zhao Wuji’s face turned pale with anger, but with his current strength, if he really had to make a move, he probably couldn’t even defeat Cheng Kun, not to mention the two Martial Sects beside Cheng Kun.

For a while, the atmosphere at the scene was tense, and many people were watching the action, but no one was going to step in to stop it.

For these people, it was good to have a fun to watch, and when the fight really started, there would be one less competitor.

“Don’t you even know the rules of the trial? How dare you make a move here?”

A strong aura hit him, followed by Guo Wei’s figure floating in from afar.

Seeing Guo Wei, Cheng Kun instantly wimped out and immediately changed into a smiling face and said, “Director Guo, it was this Chen Ping who started the fight against me, look at my face ……”

Cheng Kun showed his face for Guo Wei to see!

Guo Wei didn’t even look at it, but a cold Yan Su said, “I don’t care what kind of grudge you have, I tell you, this trial is hosted by our Martial Arts Union, so if you want to make trouble, that’s not good enough for our Martial Arts Union, this time I will personally lead the team, when the time comes, you all give me a good time… …”

“Sure, sure …………”

Cheng Kun was so scared that he nodded his head repeatedly.

Guo Wei looked at Chen Ping and said, “You’d better be honest too, don’t think that Mr. Shi will be able to cover you for the rest of your life ……”

Guo Wei finished and walked forward with his hands behind his back, while that Long Xiao greeted him, “Director Guo ……”

“Duke Long, your strength has increased a lot again!”

Guo Wei looked at Long Xiao and said with a smile on his face.

“This little skill of mine is not worth mentioning in front of Councilor Guo ……”

Long Xiao said humbly.