Phoenix Among Men Chapter 968

“Hahahaha, Duke Long is being modest!” Guo Wei laughed out loud before following Long Xiao to the side, not knowing what he was talking about.

“Chen Ping, just wait, after you enter the tomb, whether you live or die will be up to you ……”

Cheng Kun gave Chen Ping a vicious glare before following Xuan Yuan Kai and leaving.

The two people who originally looked at each other with displeasure had come together at this moment, after all, in front of interests, any grudges could be given up.

“Bah, what the hell, I’ll make them look good sooner or later!”

Zhao Beng spat viciously.

“You have to cultivate hard in the future, you can’t be a playboy and run around, only when you have strength yourself can you not fear anyone!”

Chen Ping said to Zhao Barging.

Zhao Barging was said by Chen Ping with a big red face, he always thought that his family was very powerful, even if he didn’t know anything, he could still live a carefree life.

But since this attack on the Shadowless Villa and the heavy losses, Zhao Barging’s heart was also changing.

“Dong Jiahao is here …………”

Just then, someone suddenly shouted, followed by a youth, dressed in an expensive anima and wearing a pair of sungla*ses, coming.

Behind the youth were actually followed by two seventh grade martial arts clans with great aura!

After seeing Dong Jiahao, Long Xiao, who was originally following Guo Wei’s chat, walked over and said with a faint smile, “Young Master Dong, it’s really been a while.”

Dong Jiahao gently pulled down his sungla*ses and raised his eyelids to look at Long Xiao: “So it’s Young Master Long, it’s been a long time, has your strength grown a lot recently?”

“How can I compare to Young Master Dong!” Long Xiao smiled faintly.

“Alright, I’m most annoyed with your fake modesty, it’s obvious that I’m not as strong as you, yet you say this, are you insulting me?”

Dong Jiahao suddenly said with a cold face.

This Dong Jiahao’s sudden change directly caused that Long Xiao to be somewhat at a loss for words, and his brow frowned slightly.

Seeing that expression on Long Xiao’s face, Dong Jiahao laughed and walked directly past Long Xiao.

“Young Master Dong …………”

Seeing this Dong Jiahao, many people greeted each other, except that this guy ignored anyone.

That Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai also hurriedly came forward, full of respectful greetings, “Young Master Dong, I didn’t expect you to come to this trial as well ……”

Dong Jiahao glanced at Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai out of the corner of his eyes, and likewise ignored them, but came straight towards Chen Ping.

When Chen Ping saw this Dong Jiahao coming towards himself, his heart was full of doubts.

He did not know this fellow and did not understand why this Dong Jiahao was coming towards him.

“You are Chen Ping?” Dong Jiahao asked as he gave Chen Ping a glance.

Chen Ping glanced at Dong Jiahao and did not speak, but nodded his head.

Suddenly, this Dong Jiahao stretched out his hand and slapped towards Chen Ping.

Although he knew that he was no match for Dong Jiahao, he would not stand by and watch someone attack Chen Ping and do nothing.

But just as Zhao Barging tried to make a move, he was grabbed by Chen Ping’s arm, and no one let him move.

Dong Jiahao’s hand slapped on Chen Ping’s shoulder with a light force, not an attack on Chen Ping.

“Hahahaha, worthy of the man who killed Watanabe Ichiro, he really has guts, unlike some people who brag all day long, but are too afraid of the family behind Watanabe Ichiro to make a move, if it wasn’t for the top stopping me, I would have f*cking killed that grandson!”

Dong Jiahao said boldly, but as he said this, his eyes swept around the crowd present.

Dong Jiahao’s words had offended many people at once, but among so many sects and families, no one had jumped out and dared to refute Dong Jiahao, so it was clear that the Dong family was very strong.