Phoenix Among Men Chapter 969

“Young Master Dong, I remember that your Dong family is not among the list of trials?”

At this moment, Guo Wei walked over and asked Dong Jiahao.

Dong Jiahao directly took out the invitation from his arms and threw it to Guo Wei: “My father has followed the Zhu alliance master and told me to follow you, but anything found inside, our Dong family will not move, I am just curious to come over and have some fun, no matter what exotic treasures are inside, I simply can’t look at …… ”

Guo Wei looked at the invitation in his hand, and was not good at saying anything.

Dong Jiahao, on the other hand, led the men to the side and waited for the trial to open.

“Who is this guy?”

Chen Ping was surprised, this Dong Jiahao was not much worse in strength than that Long Xiao, yet Chen Ping had not seen this person, nor had he seen him at the celebration, he had not even heard of this Dong family.

“Mr. Chen, this guy is the Dong family’s grandson, he had already reached the Martial Sect realm in his teens, but his cultivation speed seems to have slowed down a lot in recent years, I don’t know why!”

Zhao Wuji followed Chen Ping and introduced him.

“Dong family? How come I haven’t seen it at the celebration?” Chen Ping was a little puzzled.

“Mr. Chen, there are many Martial Dao families throughout Grand Xia, even the major clan families in the Martial Dao world in Kyoto, not all of them have joined the Martial Dao Alliance and are bound by it, this Dong family is a family that is outside the Martial Dao Alliance, so this trial, there is no Dong family’s name.”

Zhao Wuji explained.

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, he instantly understood, it seemed that this trial was not the entire Kyoto Martial Dao Realm’s clan families who came to participate, but rather the candidates were selected from within the Martial Dao Alliance, and the clan families that did not join the Martial Dao Alliance were naturally not qualified.

In this way, the water in the martial arts world is too deep, and there are quite a few huge behemoths within the Martial Arts Alliance alone.

Now Chen Ping suddenly feels instantly small again, the road to cultivation is still long ……

“Ning Zhi of the Ning Family is here!”

At this time, another poised youth walked in.

Behind the youth was only followed by a hunchbacked old man, who looked past his prime and was still coughing from time to time, looking as if a gust of wind could blow him over.

However, the aura on the old man’s body was incomparably strong, with the strength of a peak Martial Sect.

Here, only that Guo Wei followed this old man with comparable strength.

“Brother Ning, you’ve actually come to join the fun!”

Dong Jiahao, who had been cold-faced and paid no attention to the others, surprisingly took the initiative to greet Ning Zhi after seeing him.

Ning Zhi responded, “I have nothing to do, just pa*sing the time ……”

The others followed Ning Zhi’s greeting, and this Ning Zhi, unlike that Dong Jiahao, had a smile on his face as he followed the crowd and greeted them back, with an easygoing look.

“Duke Ning ……” Long Xiao stepped forward and greeted.

“Duke Long is here too!” Ning Zhi was slightly stunned, then asked, “I heard that you were not participating in the trial this year, but I didn’t expect you to come too, it’s good to have a harvest from this trial, if there was nothing to harvest, wouldn’t it delay Duke Long’s cultivation, after the New Year, Duke Long is going to break through to the peak of Martial Sect and become the youngest Martial Marquis!”

“Not at all, not at all, it’s all just nonsense!” Long Xiao hurriedly waved his hands, but his face was very unnatural.

“Duke Long is really modest, I still want to follow Duke Long for advice sometime!”

Ning Zhi said with a smile.

Ning Zhi’s words caused Long Xiao some embarra*sment, but he could not say anything and simply walked away.

At this moment, Long Xiao was shocked beyond belief, not many people knew about the arrangement of his cultivation process, but he did not want to be directly punctured by this Ning Zhi, which made Long Xiao feel shocked, after the trial was over, he would have to investigate this matter properly and see who had leaked the news.