Phoenix Among Men Chapter 970

Ning Zhi glanced at Chen Ping’s side, but did not speak, but it was this glance that gave Chen Ping a strange feeling instantly, don’t look at this Ning Zhi’s face full of smiles, easy-going, but Chen Ping felt a dangerous aura from this person.

A smiling tiger, perhaps that was the kind of person he was talking about!

“Councilor Guo, this is my invitation ……”

Ning Zhi did not wait for Guo Wei to say anything and directly handed the invitation to Guo Wei.

Guo Wei looked at the invitation and didn’t say anything, but his face had turned ugly.

The sudden addition of these people to this trial had made Guo Wei feel the pressure, especially the old man that Ning Zhi was carrying behind him.

This old man’s strength was comparable to Guo Wei’s, so if he really found any treasures for the ages in the tomb and the other party got greedy, he really wouldn’t be able to stop him.

However, since he was dealing with an invitation, Guo Wei could not stop the other party, and now he could only take one step and see what happened.

“Master Long, Master Long, you can’t go in without an invitation.”

Just then, the two guards at the entrance suddenly shouted out, followed by Long Jingguo barging in hurriedly.

“Family Master Long ……”

Seeing this, Guo Wei hurriedly greeted him and waved his hand, letting the two guards back out.

“Dad, what brings you here?” Long Xiao also came forward and asked in a very puzzled manner.

Long Jingguo didn’t pay any attention to them, instead his eyes looked deadly at Chen Ping.

When the crowd saw Long Jingguo staring at Chen Ping, they were all full of confusion.

“Mr. Chen, why is that Long Jingguo looking at you like that?”

Zhao Wuji asked in a small voice to Chen Ping.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because he sees that I’m handsome!” Chen Ping smiled lightly.

Zhao Wuji did not believe what Chen Ping said, but since Chen Ping did not want to say, he did not pursue the matter.

After staring at Chen Ping for a while, Long Jingguo averted his gaze and then said to Long Xiao, “Xiao’er, come here for a moment!”

Long Jingguo called Long Xiao aside, and then said with a gloomy face, “This trial, find me an opportunity to nullify Chen Ping.”

Long Xiao was stunned, “Dad, what’s the point of scrapping that Chen Ping? Has this fellow provoked our Long Family?”

Long Xiao was puzzled, why would his father suddenly want to deal with this Chen Ping, seeing that this Chen Ping was not very strong and there was nothing special about him.

“Don’t ask, do what I tell you to do, but don’t kill him, do you understand?”

Long Jingguo asked.

“En, I understand!” Long Xiao nodded his head.

Feeling the anger and killing intent from his father, Long Xiao couldn’t understand how this Chen Ping had provoked his father.

After following Long Xiao’s admonition, Long Jingguo found Guo Wei and whispered, “Councilor Guo, I would like you to stay out of whatever happens to that Chen Ping during the trial.”

“Family Head Long, what do you mean? You want to kill him?” Guo Wei frowned slightly, “Mr. Shi has just explained this, if you kill him now, it will be difficult for us all.”

“Don’t worry, Director Guo, I won’t kill him, I’ll just scrap his kung fu.” Long Jingguo said, taking out a ring inlaid with emeralds and quietly placing it in Guo Wei’s pocket.

Guo Wei had seen it long ago and nodded, “As long as I don’t kill him, I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.”

Long Jingguo left after glaring at Chen Ping twice more viciously.

No one knew what Long Jingguo was doing because of, only Chen Ping himself knew that it seemed that Long Jingguo already knew about the five guardians of the Long Family being killed by himself.

Long Xiao’s eyes were also full of hostility when he looked at Chen Ping at this moment.

Guo Wei looked at the time, and then straightened his clothes and said, “Now the trial time is up, after entering the trial area, everyone should be careful, it is full of dangers, I hope you all do not run around, and even more so, do not touch anything indiscriminately, if you accidentally trigger the mechanism inside, there is no one who will save you, life or death is a matter of life and death. …………”